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High Quality Rice Seedling Tray Manufacturers Taiwan

Tree management includes cultivation of crowns, felling, and pest control that are beneficial to flowering and fruiting(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). In order to cultivate a good crown shape, rootstock sprouts should be removed in time, trunk cut items and tree body shaping and pruning should be carried out(plant pot suppliers). Thinning is an important measure to improve the nutritional status of the mother village, the purpose is to control the high growth of the tree body, promote fruiting, and increase seed yield.

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According to the results of progeny measurement, flowering and fruiting and mother tree growth, thinning should be carried out(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally thinning begins when the canopy is about to be handed over. During the flowering period, using wind extinguishers to disturb the pollen in the garden has a significant effect(shallow microgreen trays). If the ear-picking mother tree loses its cultivation prospects, it should be re-established, and the crop rotation should be updated.(high quality rice seedling tray manufacturers taiwan)

Using the pollen shaft of superior tree or dominant wood as auxiliary powder can increase seed yield(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Germany is a good seed breeding base established with excellent trees or excellent clones as materials for the production of asexual resident materials (Jiande or Jiade) with excellent genetic quality. Caidepu is divided into primary mining stable circle and senior Caibin III(deep cell plug trays). Is generally cultivated as a shrub-like tree to provide more and better seed strips.

The former is built from propagation materials collected from untested eucalyptus trees(plant start trays wholesale), while the latter is built from tightly planted materials collected from tested good clones or fine cultivars, and high-level Zadeli is more stable than primary It has the advantages of high output, good quality, low cost and convenient management(6.3inch plastic plant pots). Since the harvesting stable circle is a place for afforestation and seedling raising, it is generally built in the national seedling surface.

(high quality rice seedling tray manufacturers taiwan)The size of the harvesting country area is determined by the afforestation and seedling tasks, and the number of seeds provided by the unit, which is generally about 1/10 of the nursery area(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). For the convenience of management, the round land should be divided into varieties or clones, and the spacing between the plants and rows of the stripe mother tree is favorable for the production and management of strips, but it varies according to the tree species(plastic planters suppliers).

Can be rejuvenated in the late autumn, early winter, or early spring before the surface stubble is frozen(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). After building the map, all technical files should be established in time to lay the foundation for continuously summing up experience and improving the level of management(large plastic planters uk). The basic situation of Zedegu, the name of the superior tree, the source, the management measures taken, the changes in output and quality should be recorded. To restore tree vigor.

Conifers have an obvious age effect in pedestal propagation(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), so the parent tree of the strip is cultivated into a simple dad tree type, to obtain the stalks that maintain the state of young, so as to improve the arbor. Rooting rate. Steady-tuned management The management of Caidewei includes soil management, tree management of stripping mother trees, file management, etc(5.9inch plastic plant pots). Pollen management is mainly for artificially assisted pollination.(high quality rice seedling tray manufacturers taiwan)

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