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These are the key technologies to increase the yield of green peppers(cell trays), and also have a protective effect on the occurrence of various pest diseases. After the base fertilizer is applied, the ground is further used as a car. Generally, the car is 1.1-1.2 m (ie, a ditch), the width of the car is about 70 cm, and the walkway is 40-50 cm(seed starter trays). The car surface must be thin and flat and arched (ie, slightly higher in the middle). ), after this coverage, can be closely matched with the soil surface.(cheap 18cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

In this way, fertilizer should be applied to disinfect the land and actively develop the “high-quality green pepper” planting technology program(propagation tray), which has a regulatory effect on regional economic reform and development, and is also a key step to reflect the high-quality planting efficiency of green pepper(wholesale greenhouse pots). Generally, 2500-3000kg of decomposed organic fertilizer, 20-30kg of potassium fertilizer (100-150kg of grass ash) and 40-50kg of superphosphate are applied.

(cheap 18cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)As a base fertilizer, it is applied once in a planting line, in which all the phosphate fertilizer is applied as a base fertilizer(gallon nursery pots). At the same time, the base fertilizer should be applied to the soil 7-10 days before planting. Ditch application, nest application or spreading, the ditch application adopts the ditch in the middle of the plane (about 15cm deep) or two fixed rows of ditch. The nest is applied according to the planting row spacing(greenhouse supplies pots), and the fertilizer is applied into the ditch.

After the selected plots, the land is reorganized and the seedbeds are treated(plug trays). According to the difference in soil fertility, rational formula fertilization is carried out. Spread the fertilizer evenly on the side of the car, mix the fertilizer with the soil, mix well, and smooth and flatten. The soil in the compartment contains sufficient water. When carrying out various field operations, it should be harvested(plastic grow pots). At the same time, after the pepper seedlings are planted, it is necessary to pay attention to protect the film from damage. 

After the mulch is covered, it can be continuously raised to the surface through the action of the soil capillary to maintain the soil moisture(black plastic plant pots). Currently it is artificially filmed. For the convenience of operation, it is best to have a group of 2 people. Firstly, the film is unfolded, and the film is tightly attached to the ground, and the two ends of the film are pressed with soil pressure. The soil pressure is strictly applied on both sides of the film(flat plastic tray), and the quality of the film directly affects the action and effect of the film.(cheap 18cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Fertilizers, which account for 60-70% of the total amount of fertilization(gallon plant pot), must be irrigated with water before the cover, or after the rain (the soil is saturated) and then covered. And Fuhou pepper, so the planting time can not be too late. Under normal circumstances, the wintering seedlings are planted before and after the spring equinox (March 20), and the Yuchun seedlings are planted before and after the Qingming (April 5). 3-5 days after the film is covered(gallon planters supplier), the ground temperature rises and it can be colonized.

(cheap 18cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)In order to obtain high yield, the planting is wide and narrow, and the suitable density is 1.1-1.2 m(square nursery pots). The boxing distance is 0.4-0.5 m, and the plant spacing is 0.3-0.4 m. Two rows of double planting, about 3,000 acres of planting. Peppers should not be used in conjunction with crops in the same crop, as some of the diseases of peppers can be transmitted through the soil(bulk half gallon pots), and other crops cannot be planted in the early stages of the selected plot.

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