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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers New Zealand

For example, the room temperature of the leaf-changing wood and Jianfeng pear in winter cannot be lower than 15℃(51 cell trays bulk). The optimal growth temperature of A. lousii is 20~30℃, and the growth temperature is lower than 18℃. Ferns also like high-temperature environments, but Azalea can tolerate temperatures of 10°C(98 cell plug trays). Therefore, we recommend that the number of cells in the community should not be less than 9 and at most 25.

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Generally, when the seeds are germinated, the temperature requirement is not high(40 cell tray in bulk), but in order to increase the germination rate of the seeds and cultivate robust seedlings, it is usually necessary to maintain a high soil temperature after sowing. If the ambient temperature is below 15°C, the leaves will curl, shrink, and turn yellow until they fall off(polystyrene plug plant trays). Temperature is an important condition for the growth and development of flowers.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers new zealand)When cultivated, it can only grow normally in a medium or high temperature environment(40 cell trays bulk). Plants of the genus Artichoke are the most low-temperature resistant. When the temperature of Heguo taro and golden kudzu is below 10℃, they grow poorly, and even yellow leaves and fallen leaves appear(2 gallon pots); Wang Lian and tropical water lily require higher temperatures. The test has few repetitions, large errors and inaccuracy. 

In addition to the above flowers, flowers such as white orchids, tropical orchids, goldfish mushrooms(36 cell trays bulk), Guangdong Dieffenbachia, Dipterocarpus spicata, white crane, watercress green, and Helianthus tuberosus also prefer higher temperatures. If the temperature is below 5℃, they will die in a short period(bulk buy plastic plant pots). Different types of flowers have different requirements for temperature due to the different climates of origin.

Because the seed source represents a group, the internal variation is large(18 cell trays bulk). For example, if the number of plants is too small, it is likely that there will be a large difference between different repeats of the same source in the future. At the same time, too few plants are not conducive to long-term observation(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Such as the first stage of the provenance test, the determination of progeny of eucalyptus and so on.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers new zealand)

Understand from the mathematical statistics(12 cell trays bulk), if it is 9.16, 25 strains, it is better to arrange them according to the square shape as the terrain and soil conditions allow, so as to carry out systematic thinning when necessary in the future. The number of repetitions of a single plant cell in each block depends on the size of the block, which can be repeated 10 to 30 time(1 gallon pots)s, but multiple plant cells are only once in each block.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers new zealand)The growth and dormancy of various flowers require a certain temperature Repeatedly, the workload is heavy. Among them, Leopard locust and Rose locust have higher temperature requirements(cheap plastic plant pots bulk).. There are generally 4-6 blocks (repeated). These flowers can adapt to the low temperature environment, but it does not mean that they can grow vigorously at low temperature.

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