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Cheap Plastic Clone Trays Wholesale Suppliers Canada

The size of flowerpot should be selected according to the size of flowers(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). In summer, some vines, such as grapes and Parthenocissus, can be planted in baskets or wooden boxes in summer. The natural shade generated by the plants is used to shade and beautify the space. Sand or gravel is placed under it(lavender plug trays). In the upper basin, a layer of coarse-grained soil is laid at the bottom of the basin, and then the culture soil is padded on it.

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Can also hang cloth curtain, bamboo curtain and so on shade(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). After a certain number of flowers are raised at home, in order to save the floor area of flowerpots, flower racks can be made, which makes the arrangement and management of potted flowers much more convenient. The new flowerpot should be soaked in water for 2 days, and the old pot should be cleaned and disinfected before use(deep propagation trays). The shade shed is a device used to prevent sun exposure. Changing pots is also called turning pots.

(cheap plastic clone trays wholesale suppliers canada)After water is put in, the flowerpot is put on the top, which can improve the air humidity and temperature, and has a great effect on the maintenance of potted flowers in summer(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). Indoor arrangement of potted flowers, when watering, often make the water in the flowerpot flow out and dirty furniture or carpet. Simple flower rack is to build a brick wide ladder with bricks on the ground, and put a thick board on each floor(90mm plastic grow pots). Generally, it is a shallow basin of about 0.5 ~ 1.5 square meters.

Choose suitable flowerpot and flowerpot treatment(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the pot is too large, the water storage capacity of basin soil is too large, the plant is small, and the water evaporation is less, which is easy to cause rotten roots; generally, if the plant is too small, the nutrients can not meet the needs, and the root system cannot be extended, and the growth is restrained(plastic nursery pots suppliers). The seedlings in the basin should be placed in the shade for about one week before they can grow again.

Before pruning seedlings into pots, cut off the long roots and injured roots(200 cell propagation trays wholesale); if there are too many damaged roots, some leaves can be cut off to reduce transpiration and improve the survival rate. The pad plate covers the drain hole with two pieces of broken basin pieces, each half of which is overlapped in the middle(10cm plastic grow pots). It is required that the drainage hole can be blocked, and the hole can not be blocked by soil, and the water can flow out normally.(cheap plastic clone trays wholesale suppliers canada)

During this period, attention should be paid to spraying water on the leaf surface to increase the environmental humidity(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, there are three or four layers of flower trellis, which can be placed according to the characteristics of flowers and trees. When the sown flowers grow 4-5 tender leaves or the seedlings have taken root, they should be transplanted to the appropriate size pot in time(plastic plant pots manufacturers). This operation process is called on the pot. This process is called changing pots.

(cheap plastic clone trays wholesale suppliers canada)When the roots of seedlings begin to grow again, fertilizer can be added to make flowers grow better(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). The period from November to march of the next year should be selected for the period when the leaves fall into dormancy or just begin to sprout. Evergreen flowers and trees are mostly from October to November or from March to April, which requires less water(plastic plant pot suppliers). As flower plants grow up, flowers need to be moved from small pots to larger ones.

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