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Cheap Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Germany

For example, pollination in vitro embryo culture, flower tissue culture has the following advantages from August to September(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany): single source of culture materials, consistent clonal genetic background, many errors can be avoided in the research, and the purity of test materials is very high, which can reduce the repetition of the test without affecting the accuracy of the test(commercial plant pot suppliers).

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However, there are also many problems, such as the lack of management experience in large-scale factory production(3 gallon plant pots). Economical, convenient and efficient. Its application in scientific research and production is of great significance(7 gallon nursery pots). More than 500 kinds of viruses have been found in the flower waste produced by conventional propagation methods, and the virus accumulation in flower plants has caused serious harm(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany).

The flower quality has decreased(10 inch nursery pots), the flower has become smaller, the color is dim, and the flower yield is less(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). It can overcome the incompatibility of distant hybridization and make the hybrid embryo develop into a complete plant normally. Haploid breeding experiment with anther and pollen can shorten the breeding period and improve the breeding efficiency(20 gallon plant pots).  Therefore, the test tube seedlings grow fast and the test results are highly reproducible.

XTest tube rapid propagation is to put plant materials in test tubes, use appropriate culture media and appropriate culture conditions, and achieve high-speed proliferation through cell division, proliferation and subculture(10 gallon plant pots). It belongs to in vitro asexual propagation, also known as clone. There are more than 600 plant tissue culture laboratories in European countries(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). Mainly orchids, foliage plants and temperate flowers(8 inch nursery pots). 

It is characterized by rapid asexual propagation(plug plant trays), which propagates at a rate of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of times every year(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). It is a conventional propagation method, such as sowing It is incomparable in cutting, grafting and branching. In the future, the output value of test tube rapid propagation and virus-free seedlings in the world will increase by 7% ~ 8% every year(2 gallon plant pots).

The uses are as follows(4 inch plastic pots wholesale): Rapid Propagation of extinct wild flowers near the lake. Conservation and rapid propagation of flower germplasm resources. Rapid propagation of newly bred, newly introduced and newly discovered flower varieties(plastic plant pots nz). In addition, a very important point is the lack of market research, mismatched production and sales, and unavailable sales channels, resulting in a large backlog and loss of test-tube seedlings(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany).

Rapid propagation of flower seed production materials(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). In addition, somatic hybridization is also an effective means to obtain new types of flowers and new genotypes that are difficult to obtain by conventional methods(11 inch plastic plant pots). In 1989, test tube micropropagation produced 250 million seedlings, mainly flowers and fruit trees, especially the new high-quality genetically modified varieties obtained through genetic engineering(15 gallon plant pots). 

At present, 40% ~ 80% or even all of the seedlings of poor plants, fruit trees and crops in some countries and regions are provided by test tube micropropagation(plastic plant trays). Since the 1980s, the research on flower tissue culture in China has obviously tended to virus-free and rapid propagation technology, and scientific and technological personnel have done a lot of fruitful work in this regard(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). Rapid propagation of galloping acid virus seedlings(nursery pots canada).

Rapid propagation of special flower breeding materials (such as space breeding materials)(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). For example(square nursery pots), various components and environmental conditions in the culture medium (temperature, light intensity, light quality, photoperiod, variable temperature treatment, etc.) can be manually controlled, the test error is small, the culture medium in the test tube is fully nutritious and the culture conditions are superior(large plastic planters).

Since the mid-1980s, my country’s application of rapid propagation technology for factory production of flower seedlings has made rapid progress(custom plastic pots). Many precious flowers discarded in test-tube rapid propagation have achieved varying degrees of success, such as orchids, aloes, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, cherry blossoms, etc.(4 gallon plant pot), have been used in factory production and have formed a certain scale(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany).

It can produce virus-free high-quality seedlings(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). There are 42 commercial tissue culture laboratories in Africa, 80% of which are engaged in micro-propagation, and annual production of 1.4 million test-tube seedlings, mainly crops(1 gallon plant pots). Australia and New Zealand, the main countries in Oceania, have established 88 commercial tissue culture laboratories with an annual output of 20 million test-tube seedlings, mainly fruit trees, crops, flowers, and forests.

It is estimated that there are 2500~3000 enterprises and institutions engaged in plant tissue culture work in China, the number of which is about 15000~20,000 people, most of which are researching rapid test-tube propagation or combining with breeding(6 inch nursery pots). A considerable number of units and personnel are already engaged in development and utilization(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). And engaged in commercial production. The inevitable trend(grow bags wholesale).

Mainly orchids, foliage plants and temperate flowers(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany). Recently, various commercial tissue culture laboratories, tissue culture centers, seedling companies or gardening companies have been established across the country(5 gallon plant pots). Its factory-produced orchid, carnation, rose, aloe, gerbera, carnation, chrysanthemum and other test-tube seedlings sell well all over the country, and quite a few have entered the international market(flower sleeves).

Therefore, it is exported to Japan, the United States and Europe(plastic pots for plants wholesale). At the same time, various modern greenhouses with a high degree of automation (such as greenhouses in Israel, the Netherlands, and France) have been introduced from abroad, and protected field cultivation techniques have been vigorously promoted, which has promoted the use of tissue culture techniques to produce high-quality seedlings on a large scale(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany).

Lack of local conditions(plug trays wholesale), low-consumption and high-efficiency commercial production processes, leading to high production costs and low economic benefits(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany); lack of well-trained technicians and management personnel; lack of high-quality seedlings suitable for my country’s own cultivation, and insufficient use of Chinese organisms The advantages of abundant resources have screened and cultivated my country's famous, special, excellent, and new varieties(hanging baskets wholesale).

At least according to the predictions of relevant experts(pot covers for plants wholesale), in order to speed up the development of the flower industry in my country, enterprises and institutions engaged in the organization and training of flower and abandonment must first strengthen the research work of domestic and foreign markets, expand sales channels, and produce flowers that are urgently needed in the market(custom plant pot). Excellent variety(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale germany).

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