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Although this population is composed of a single plant, the yield of the population is not simply added by the yield of a single plant (i.e. individual). Because the group structure is not the addition of individual structure, and the way and utilization rate of light energy are not simple addition(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). Upright dishes(10cm plastic plant pots). For example, eggplant, pepper, etc., their leaf area index is mostly 3~4. 

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To improve the efficiency of light energy utilization, the yield of vegetable crops is measured by unit land area(105 cell seed starting trays). This is one of the main yield-increasing measures for the cultivation of protected land vegetables. But at night, the CO) concentration is higher near the soil surface and lower in the upper part of the group. In addition, as the constituent unit of the group, the individual is different from the isolated individual(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand).

After the development of the group, the light intensity under the group will gradually weaken due to the mutual rapid shade of the leaf layers(200 cell plug trays). Such as cabbage, cabbage, radish, etc. when cultivated as food, they have short tufted leaves. A group develops continuously in the growth process(10.5 cm plant pots). Vine and refers to the type of frame(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). After the group was formed by individuals, the biggest feature was the change of light intensity.

When the density is small, the density should be increased appropriately(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). In the bud stage, eggplant fruit grows fast under neutral (10 ~ 12 hours) sunshine, early maturing varieties bloom faster under 12 ~ 14 hours sunshine, late maturing varieties bloom faster under 10 hours sunshine, and buds and fruits grow faster under atmospheric light, sunlight and red light(32 cell plug tray). The leaf area is large and the degree of shading is also large.

The fan straight distribution of light intensity in different leaf layers of a population is related to the leaf area index (LJ, that is, the size of leaf area per unit land area)(v13 plastic pots). Because the growth habits and cultivation techniques of various vegetables are very different, the group structure of various vegetables is also very different(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). Therefore, different levels of leaves in a population receive different light intensities and play different roles in yield.

In production(pp woven ground cover), it is necessary to understand the growth habit of different types of vegetables and the development process of the group structure in order to determine the appropriate degree of dense planting and cultivation measures to achieve the goal of high yield(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). Therefore, in order to obtain high population yield, migration must have a good population structure(200 cell trays). Their LA! is relatively small, generally only about 2 or so.

It has no obvious impact on individual growth and can significantly increase the yield of the population(128 cell seed trays). However, if the density is further increased, the photosynthetic efficiency of grass-roots leaves will be greatly reduced and the population yield will be reduced due to too much shading of the group, insufficient illumination of the group grass-roots level and no air circulation(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). Therefore, the function of density is limited(v15 plastic pots).

Root vegetables and leafy vegetables in tufted leaf state(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). LAL is small. If the density is increased, the number of plants per unit area is increased, the number of fruits per simple plant will be reduced, and even the single fruit weight will be reduced(50 deep cell plug trays). If the density continues to increase so that the yield of the increased number of plants is less than the yield reduced by a single plant, the yield per unit area will decrease.

Therefore, when we understand the relationship between individual yield and group yield, we should not only understand the final state of a group structure, but also understand its development process(seedling tray 104 holes). Because it is not only the final structure that determines the total output, but also closely related to the early structure and its development process(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). For a good group structure, the leaf area should be appropriate(50 cell plug flats).

According to the different growth habits and cultivation methods of vegetable plants, this relationship can be roughly divided into four categories(72 cell seedling trays). Chuangru, root vegetables, when the degree of dense planting is small, the weight of individual fleshy roots will be larger, and the yield per unit area will be lower(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). For example, melons, watermelons, pumpkins and some winter melon varieties are mostly cultivated on the ground.

In the same period(32 cell tray), the total LAI is increased, so more dry matter can be produced than a single crop(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). At this time, increasing the C) concentration in the large orange in the greenhouse can increase the intensity of photosynthesis and thus increase the yield. Another example is nightshade vegetables(128 cell trays). When the degree of dense planting is small, the number of fruits per plant will be more, but the yield per unit area will be lower.

For example, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., after being planted on a scaffold, the leaf area and leaf area index can be appropriately increased to increase the population yield. The upper part of the leaf layer is often equivalent to the place where the largest LAI layer is. Maintain a reasonable population structure(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). There are many plants on a piece of land, which constitutes a "group", or "community"(72 cell plug trays). The melon that grows creepingly.

In addition to intercropping and intercropping, plant adjustments can also be used(40 cell seed tray inserts), including pruning, vine pressing, leaf picking, etc.(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand), which can make the plant develop in space, remove too many unnecessary branches and old leaves, improve ventilation and light conditions, and reduce unnecessary The depletion of nutrients is also an artificial control of the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth(v14 plastic pots).

But in the air within the leaf layer of the crop, the CO2 content in different parts of the leaf layer is also different due to the difference in photosynthesis(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). Generally speaking, the water vapor (humidity) in a leaf layer, the closer it is to the ground surface, the larger it is, and the more it goes to the upper part of the leaf layer, the more gradually it decreases, and when it reaches above the group leaf layer, there is little change(162 cell plug tray).

When the degree of dense planting increases, the yield per unit area will be higher, but the individual fleshy roots The weight will be smaller(105 cell seedling trays). Due to the needs of photosynthesis, the CO content is the lowest in the entire population, and it is higher near the ground, while the uppermost part of the leaf layer is gradually increased(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale thailand). As for the CO2 concentration, it is one of the important conditions that affect photosynthesis.

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