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High Quality Plastic Seedling Trays Suppliers Lebanon

For roses, Milan, jasmine, hibiscus japonicus, etc.(200 cell plant trays bulk), which bloom many times a year, we should continue to supply sufficient water and fertilizer to promote them to bloom continuously. The harvested seeds should be stored by dry storage or stratification according to their living habits(hole tray). For the remaining tender branches should also be picked in time, in order to prevent excessive growth.

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Nitrogen containing liquid fertilizer can be applied to foliage plants to make the leaves green and green(seed planting trays wholesale); for most flowers, the temperature becomes lower after the cold dew in the northern region, so no fertilization is needed. Water and fertilizer management(128 plug tray). Many flower growers move potted flowers indoors, regardless of species and habits, and still manage potted flowers in the same way as in spring, summer and autumn.(high quality plastic seedling trays suppliers lebanon)

In addition to the flowers that bloom in autumn(32 cell plant trays bulk), the normal watering can be continued according to the actual needs of each flower, and the watering amount for other flowers should be gradually reduced to avoid excessive water and fertilizer, resulting in overgrowth, affecting flower bud differentiation and safe overwintering(succulent planter tray). In the vast areas of China, especially in the north, the winter is long and cold, and the climate is dry.

(high quality plastic seedling trays suppliers lebanon)For autumn chrysanthemum, Osmanthus fragrans, camellia, etc.(18 cell plug trays supplier), which bloom once a year, the liquid fertilizer mainly containing phosphate fertilizer should be applied 2-3 times in time, winter or early spring and those sown in autumn, otherwise, the flowers will not only be few and small, but also the phenomenon of falling stems will appear(4.13inch plastic plant pots). The seeds of many flowers mature in mid autumn and need to be harvested in time.

Pruning and shaping(50 cell plant trays bulk). When the temperature is about 20 ℃ in autumn, most flowers are easy to sprout more tender branches, and the rest should be cut off in time to reduce nutrient consumption. For chrysanthemum, rose, Hibiscus syriacus and other flowers in autumn, the side buds should be removed in time except for the main bud with good growth at the top. Watering should be strictly controlled(v11 nursery pots). Seed harvesting.(high quality plastic seedling trays suppliers lebanon)

When the temperature rises above 30 ℃, the metabolic activity of this kind of flower waste becomes slow and the growth tends to be stagnant(20 cell plug trays supplier). Summer dormant flower treatment. sow. Biennial or perennial grass flowers, such as goldfish grass, chrysanthemum, flower siderite and carnation, are suitable for autumn sowing(hydroponic farming tray). They can grow nutritiously and complete Vernalization in a cold and cool environment.

(high quality plastic seedling trays suppliers lebanon)They will bloom in spring and summer next year(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Greenhouse flowers, such as guaye chrysanthemum, dandelion, cyclamen, jatropha and so on, as well as Gerbera, primrose, delphinium, asparagus and so on, which are easy to lose germination ability after harvest, should be sown in autumn(plant plastic trays). After autumn, water and fertilizer management should be treated differently according to the habits of different flower discards.

In order to achieve the above purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to the work of light, dehydration control(40 cell plug trays supplier), humidification and dust prevention, heat preservation and cold prevention. When the temperature is serious, the branches and leaves wither and fall off, which is an adaptive performance of flower plants to adapt to the living environment(orchid plug trays). As a result, it is easy to make flowers sick and injured, or even the whole plant die.(high quality plastic seedling trays suppliers lebanon)

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