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Otherwise, the principle of less evaporation in rainy season and dry basin soil should be grasped(plastic flower pots bulk). Except for jasmine, Milan, sijiqiuhaiban and Shikai, which can bloom continuously in hot summer, fertilization should be stopped for other potted flowers. When the spring climate turns warm, when the buds on the plant start to sprout(cheap grow pots), they can move to the place with suitable light, increase the amount of water, and enter the normal management.

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Strengthening the maintenance and management of potted flowers at this stage has a great relationship with the future growth, flowering and safe overwintering(planting trays wholesale). After autumn, water and fertilizer management should be treated differently according to the habits of different flowers. If you like to shade and wet flowers, the temperature is lower, you should continue to shade and spray water(grow pots for sale). With the increase of temperature, the amount of watering should also be increased.

(cheap plastic nursery trays factory vietnam)When the temperature is high, water should be poured into the water sooner or later, and the ground near the flowerpot is often sprayed to help cool down(72 cell plug trays). In summer, dormant or semi dormant flowers, such as Cyclamen, geranium, inverted golden bell, Lingjian lotus and so on, can not be fertilized(10 inch plastic plant pots). When the humidity is high and the temperature is high, attention should be paid to ventilation and cooling, and timely prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.

We should often loosen the basin soil, so that the water is easy to pour through(long life propagation trays), and the basin soil has good air permeability, which is conducive to the growth of abandoned flowers. And Clivia, asparagus, Chlorophytum should be placed in indoor ventilation, and prevent direct sunlight(2 gallon plastic pots). Starting from the next sentence in the middle of May, the screen net or bamboo curtain is placed on the window sill of Xiangyang for shade.(cheap plastic nursery trays factory vietnam)

In hot summer, in addition to strengthening environmental ventilation(nursery tray manufacturers), some over dense twigs and leaves of potted flowers with luxuriant branches and leaves should be removed to facilitate ventilation, light transmission and pest control. After the hot summer, when the temperature begins to cool in September, to avoid excessive water and fertilizer, it will enter a new growth peak season(2 gallon plant pot). You can't go to the curtain until the beginning of November.

(cheap plastic nursery trays factory vietnam)Camellia sinensis, eucalyptus, orchid, hydrangea(1.5 gallon nursery pots), Daphne odora and pteridophytes that like shade are placed in the shade for maintenance, and wine is often added to the leaf surface or windowsill to increase air humidity. The vegetables, pomegranates, hibiscus, Milan and succulent plants are still cultivated on the balcony flower rack(4 gallon nursery pots), while the rose, gardenia, Begonia, geranium and golden bell also need shade at noon.

For most of the flowers, after the cold dew in the north, and generally do not fertilize(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). For autumn chrysanthemum, Osmanthus fragrans, camellia, dupeng, Chimonanthus praecox, etc., which bloom once a year, the liquid fertilizer mainly containing phosphate fertilizer should be applied 2-3 times in time, otherwise, not only the flowers will be few and small, but also the phenomenon of bud falling will appear(greenhouse plant trays). You can see the light in the morning and evening, and cover the curtain at noon. 

In addition to the autumn and winter or early spring flowering and autumn sowing grass and flowers(rootmaker propagation trays), according to the actual needs of each flower can continue to normal watering, other flowers should gradually reduce the amount of water and fertilizer, resulting in overgrowth, affecting flower bud differentiation and suffering from freezing damage(large black plant pots). Potted flowers will be damaged or even died due to the resting of root system.(cheap plastic nursery trays factory vietnam)

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