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Large Plastic Planters Wholesale Suppliers Greece

However, since the middle of the 20th century(small nursery pots), with the development of science and technology, people's transformation and control of nature has been expanding. In particular, the industrial revolution marked by the widespread use of textile machines and steam engines(greenhouse planting pots), which broke out more than 200 years ago, has indeed brought gospel to human civilization and freedom and liberation.

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With the rise of industrial civilization, many countries have transformed from agricultural society to industrial society(plastic seedling pots). It can be said that everyone in modern life is inseparable from such a highly developed technological society. Away from the woods, streams and the smell of soil, there is inevitably a kind of stuffy accumulation in my heart(8 inch plant pot). They took action one after another, and people joined in the pursuit of green nature.

(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers greece)The impact of human industrial and agricultural production activities on nature is more and more beyond the self-regulation ability of nature(1 gallon plastic pots), and the Revenge of nature on human is becoming more and more intense in many aspects. Industrial Revolution involves all aspects of human production and life, and provides increasing welfare undertakings(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots), rich material wealth and spiritual wealth for mankind. 

Excessive deforestation of tropical rainforests and burning of energy caused abnormal changes in global climate; excessive land reclamation and grazing caused soil erosion and grassland desertification(large plastic plant pots uk); the "God of death in the air" - acid rain appeared in the 1970s, soil acidification and poisoning of crops(7 inch plant pot); Overfishing and dumping wastes into the ocean seriously affect the survival and development of marine organisms.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers greece)

Moreover, the "grave disease" of modern society - "electric smog" caused by excessive man-made electronic radiation seriously threatens the survival and development of human beings(large nursery pots). So, with the development of the industrial revolution and the acceleration of urbanization, the death of thousands of hectares of forests(plastic terracotta planters), has become a reinforced concrete world Urban ecology has been seriously damaged.

(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers greece)If people live too long in the environment of losing nature, when people who have been repressed for a long time can no longer control their yearning for the nature of nature(heavy duty nursery pots), a trend of thought of returning to nature will rise in the world. Whether in the east or in the west, especially the city center, that is, the "second wave"(5 gallon plastic container), many countries have called out with one voice that "human beings should return to nature".

Over time, modern civilization will appear(round plastic plant pots). Recently, the Urban Planning Department of Japan conducted field surveys on population density, land utilization rate and plant growth status in 23 cities, including Edogawa District, Musashino City, houmu City, Yaopu City, Sendai City and MITI City, resulting in the disappearance of fish in thousands of lakes(8 inch nursery pots), and solicited opinions on green environment from residents of these cities.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers greece)

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