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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Saudi Arabia

Therefore, it is necessary to select a leaf with an axillary bud at the base to grow into a new plant(plant germination trays). Root cutting: the flowers that can grow adventitious buds on the roots of Begonia, Paeonia lactiflora, Lingxiao, kiwi, hypericum chinensis, Chimonanthus praecox, Phlox superba, etc(128 cell trays). that is to say, can be used as cuttings for propagation. The survival rate of cutting with transplanting was the highest.

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The matrix should be maintained above 20 ℃, the atmospheric temperature should be above 25 ℃ in order to make the cuttings heal and take root(sowing tray). When changing pots of flowers and trees, cut 5-10 cm of root segments and insert them directly or obliquely into the soil. The upper end should be flat with the soil surface(50 cell plug trays). The substrate should not only have good drainage, but also have a certain amount of water retention.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers saudi arabia)After new buds grow, soil should be properly cultivated(72 cell seed starter trays). No matter what kind of transplanting method is adopted, after transplanting, enough water must be poured, and then glass or plastic film should be covered on the pot to maintain a certain humidity and high temperature(seedling trays). It should be placed in a semi shade place to strengthen management. After rooting, transplanting and cultivation can be carried out.

If the content of hydrogen ion is higher than that of hydrogen oxygen ion, it becomes acidic(50 cell seed starter trays). The concentration of acid and alkali in soil is expressed by pH value. But when sawdust is used to grow flowers in large wooden barrels or pots, the heat generated by fermentation will burn the roots(plastic flower pots manufacturers). In order to make the survival rate of cuttings high, in addition to the selection of cuttings, the substrate is also very important.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers saudi arabia)

Vermiculite, perlite, slag and sugar ash are good substrates for cutting(20 cell trays bulk). They are fond of high temperature and high humidity, and the indoor air humidity is mostly insufficient. They need to spray to the leaves and plants regularly to maintain certain humidity. The cuttings are about 6-10 cm long(6 cell plant trays). The winter room temperature should be 10 ℃ ~ 12 ℃, not lower than 8 ℃, and pay attention to control the amount of water.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers saudi arabia)The cutting method is like hard branch cutting. It can be applied to foliage plants for indoor greening(black plastic plant pots). The common ones are Adiantum, antler fern, kidney fern, loose tail sunflower, rubber tree, ivy, turtle back bamboo, taro, green pineapple, etc. There are two greening methods for indoor foliage plants, one is horizontal greening, the other is vertical greening(plant cell trays). The top and bottom should not be reversed, with 2 or 3 buds.

And cut off the lower blade, the upper part of the blade can be cut off as appropriate to reduce evaporation(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Erect foliage plants, such as iron tree, brown bamboo, rubber tree, etc., should be arranged in the living room, hall, the top of the sofa and so on. In summer, it needs to be protected from sunlight and scattered light(seed cell trays). Generally speaking, foliage plants are mostly produced in the subtropics and South America.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers saudi arabia)

It is better to select the half lignified branches with leaves as cuttings, such as the semi lignified branches near the lower end of the shoot after anthesis(gallon pot). The daily maintenance and management of foliage plants is based on the application of chlorine fertilizer, combined with appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(seed starting tray wholesale). According to their growth forms, they can be divided into vertical type and vine type.

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