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The disease condition is the overwintering place of the pathogen(hydroponic plant trays), and the conidia are transmitted by air flow and rain water, and invade through the stomata and wound; when the temperature is 24 ℃ and the relative mixing degree is 98%, the disease is most serious, and it is more common in rainy season; the disease is serious in continuous cropping. Strengthen cultivation management: avoid continuous cropping and adopt rotation(3x6 grow tray); strengthen ventilation.

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Soil moisture is moderate, not too dry or too wet(plastic flower pots canada). Clean the compound. Most of them had long repeated infection period. The pathogenic bacteria include fungal Alternaria, e-spores, conidia, monoseptum and so on. For example, in the spring vegetative growth period of Hemerocallis fulva, nitrogen deficiency is most likely to occur(bulk pots for succulents). Therefore, the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are usually used as supplementary fertilizer.(high quality plastic garden pots suppliers saudi arabia)

The results showed that 1% ~ 2% water solution was applied to soil or 0.2% ~ 0.4% water surplus solution was sprayed on the leaf surface(3 gallon tree pots); the nitrogen content of urea was 45% ~ 46%, which was small, round, white, hygroscopic, and soluble in water. Chemical control: spray 800 ~ 1000 times of 75% chlorothalonil WP or 1:0.5:200 Bordeaux solution during the disease period(2 gallon grow pots); potassium permanganate solution can be used for soil disinfection of pyrobacteria in seedling bed.

(high quality plastic garden pots suppliers saudi arabia)The common diseases of perennial flowers are carnation leaf spot, chrysanthemum black spot, Phlox leaf spot, Gerbera leaf spot and large preserved flower brown spot(20 inch plastic plant pots). However, different flowers need different elements in different development stages, and the amount of soil can be released in different seasons(15 gallon grow bags). Therefore, the symptoms of plant growth and development caused by lack of certain elements can often be seen in the growing season.

The elements needed for flower growth and development are(2x2 grow tray): carbon (c), hydrogen (H), oxygen (o), nitrogen (n), phosphorus (P), potassium (k), calcium (CA), sulfur (s), magnesium (mg), iron (FE), manganese (MN), boron (b), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), button (MO), chlorine (CL). Among them, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen can be taken from carbon dioxide and water in the air(plastic planters for sale), while other elements are taken from soil, plant is short and branches are few.(high quality plastic garden pots suppliers saudi arabia)

The use of nitrogen based quick acting chemical fertilizer: ammonium sulfate, commonly known as fertilizer field powder(15 gallon garden pot), has a nitrogen content of 20% ~ 21%, white, like white granulated sugar, easily soluble in water, is a physiological acid fertilizer, and cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizer(decorating plastic plant pots). Because the plants need the most nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the content in the soil is too small to meet the needs of flower growth and development.

It was a neutral fertilizer, and its fertilizer efficiency was longer than other nitrogen fertilizers(9 cm square plastic plant pots). 0.5% ~ 1.0% water solution was applied to the soil or 0.1% ~ 0.3% water solution was used for root topdressing; The common deficiency symptoms in perennial flowers are as follows: nitrogen deficiency, plant growth is inhibited. Some are raised, some are not raised(3 gallon pots for plants); some spots have whorls in the middle, with black dots on them; some have no whorls and scattered small black spots.

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