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High Quality Plastic Gardening Pots For Sale UAE

It is not suitable to change pots when plants are growing, forming flowers, or blooming(black plastic plant pots). If the pot is made of ceramic, it is best to put broken tiles on the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage. If the flowers are pulled out when the potting soil is wet, the potting soil is easy to fall off(grass plug trays), causing the roots of the plants to be exposed, and the resistance increases when the flowers are pulled out, which can easily damage the roots.

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Before changing pots, prepare the cultivation soil and corresponding flower pots, as well as some gloves or pot pins and other tools for pot replacement(wilson garden). Similarly, if the flowerpot used is a new pottery pot, soak thoroughly in advance; if the flowerpot used is an old pot, disinfection measures must be taken. Of course, the selection of pots also depends on the growth habits of the plants and different types of soil(v16 nursery pots). Wait for the potting soil to dry out before watering a proper amount.

(high quality plastic gardening pots for sale uae)There are many drainage holes under the plastic flowerpot, so you don’t need to put broken tiles(plug trays wholesale). In fact, this is not appropriate, because the soil quality of the replaced old soil is no longer good, the nutrients in the soil have been basically exhausted, and the requirements for water retention and air permeability can no longer meet the growth of flowers(200 cell plug trays). In addition, there may be pests and diseases in the old soil, which can easily spread to the potted flowers.

Some people will continue to use it as a cultivating soil for growing flowers(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Flower pots should be properly watered less or without water for 2~3 days. When the pot soil is slightly dry, you can hold the plant with one hand, and lightly cover the bottom and wall of the pot with the other to separate the soil from the wall and separate the plant from the soil(rootmaker trays). The group told them together. The first time you water, you should water thoroughly.(high quality plastic gardening pots for sale uae)

While waiting for the potting soil to dry out, you can spray water on the leaves and flowers(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Then put it in a well-ventilated shade for about 1 week. If flowers like high temperature and humidity, they can be covered with plastic to help them quickly recover and grow(soil block trays). How to deal with the old pot soil? The concentration of various pesticides should be accurate; the concentration can be omitted during the vigorous growth period.

Of course, the old pot soil can be used after a little improvement(2 gallon pots manufacturer), it can be thoroughly disinfected, and nutrient-rich organic matter and mulch soil are added to increase the nutrients of the soil, and then organic fertilizer, watered, and left for another 2 weeks . However, it is best to plant plants of other families, and it is not suitable to plant plants of the same family(288 plug tray). And the amount of watering is not easy to control, and it is easy to water too much or too little, which affects the normal growth of plants.

(high quality plastic gardening pots for sale uae)Then remove about half of the soil mass on the plant, cut off the rotten roots, old roots, and dead roots, and loosen the surrounding soil with a bamboo stick(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Put gauze on the bottom of the flowerpot, put new soil, place the plant in the center, fill the flowerpot with soil, and compact it after filling. Some flowers need support during cultivation and changing pots(farm tray). The support of flowers can provide better ventilation and light transmission conditions, which is beneficial to the growth of plants.

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