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Cheap Large Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Europe

The potting can be determined by the growth of the roots(rootmaker trays). When the pot soil is not dry or wet, turn the pot upside down and tap the bottom of the pot with your hands to pour out all the trees and the soil roots. Check the soil compaction and root distribution(succulent propagation tray). If the soil block is compacted and the root system is densely distributed on the bottom surface of the soil block, it means that the basin must be turned.

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In the layout of the landscape bonsai, the height and the size are also relative(greenhouse pots). To make the main peak appear tall, the secondary peak must be short. Therefore, it is best to deal with landscape bonsai. "If the mountain wants to be high, it will not be high when it is exhausted, and it will be high when haze locks its waist(lavender plug trays). In short, the production of landscape bonsai is a combination of painting, sculpture, poetry and poetry.(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale europe)

The layout of the landscape bonsai(200 cell plug trays), there is also the contrast between the distance and the near, the formation of the distant view, the most suitable for Qifeng or the two mountains to see the distant view from the near view. The front is real and the back is vacant, it seems that the mountains are hidden, flickering and appearing, and unfathomable(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Contrast between virtual and real is one of the main aspects in making landscape bonsai.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale europe)A profound understanding of the artistic conception of Chinese landscape painting can deal with the unity of these contradictions in the layout of landscape bonsai(soil block propagation trays). In the near and far view layout, the front is generally regarded as near, and vice versa. Or one side is near and the other side is far(105 cell plant trays bulk). The landscape bonsai is the epitome of natural scenery, and it is required to be reduced in proportion to the natural landscape.

This is the artistic technique of Hanzo Hanro(v16 nursery pots). Sparse and dense is also a comparative issue in the layout of landscape bonsai. The stone peaks should not be crowded together or spread out at equal distances. There must be sparseness and density, tightness and looseness, and sparseness and density(plastic plant pots manufacturers). Chinese painting pays attention to density, so there is a saying that "sparseness can be a happy horse, but density is not ventilated".(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale europe)

This is exactly the incisive word for creating landscape bonsai. Hiding and dew is also a dialectical technique for the layout of landscape bonsai(best microgreen trays). Generally, painting and landscaping advocates that it should be hidden and not exposed, but only hiding and not revealing. It might not feel like a "relic of wonderful scenery" and make people know that you have hidden(deep propagation trays). But to be fully exposed, there are drawbacks at a glance.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale europe)Be careful not to block the far view from the near scene(grass plug trays). There are many kinds, and the eating habits are mixed, and the damage is quite common. The unity of these contradictions can be dealt with in the layout of landscape bonsai(72 cell plant trays bulk). The landscape bonsai is a three-dimensional painting, and attention should be paid to the contrast between the virtual and the real, so that the scenery has the real in the virtual and the real in the virtual.

The greening decoration of the landscape bonsai, handled properly, can make the landscape color, icing on the cake, and create a poetic and artistic flavor(lavender plug trays wholesale). The accessories for landscape basins include trees, moss, pavilions, bridges, and boat rafts(plastic plant pot suppliers). After the layout of the mountain stone processing, plant small trees, flowers and plants, grow green moss, and put on the accessories, which can create a brightening and finishing touch.

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