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High Quality Plastic Nursery Pots Suppliers Italy

As a result of long-term insufficient illumination, the chlorophyll content in leaves of albino flowers decreased, showing albinism(288 plug tray). The plant can be moved to a place with sufficient light to make the albino yellow leaves turn green. The roots of potted flowers without fertilizer or changing pots for many years were only watered and not fertilized for a long time(2 gallon container). Pay attention to ventilation and cooling, and basin soil should not be too wet. 

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The root must form a ball, the topdressing is easy to leak, the plant can not get fertilizer, and the leaves turn yellow(soil block trays). In addition to changing pots in time, the disadvantages can be overcome by applying fertilizer frequently. This paper introduces several kinds of flower fungal diseases which are widely distributed and seriously damaged(plastic planter manufacturers). The main harm to China rose, chrysanthemum, plum blossom, dahlia, guayeju, inverted Golden Bell and other flowers. 

(high quality plastic nursery pots suppliers italy)In cold winter, if the air temperature is too low, some flowers(rootmaker trays), such as brandy, Guangdong evergreen, poinsettia, etc., will turn yellow and even fall off. In addition, the flowers damaged by diseases and insect pests can also cause yellow leaves to fall off. If only a few leaves in the lower part of the plant turn yellow and fall off, this is a normal phenomenon of leaf maturity and aging(nursery containers for trees). Fungal diseases are the most common type of flower diseases.

Fungi are low organisms that have no chlorophyll and propagate by sporophyte and mycelium as vegetative body(200 cell plug trays). Diseases caused by fungal infection are called fungal diseases. Fungal diseases generally have obvious diseases, such as powdery matter (white powder, etc.), mold (black mold, gray berry, Penicillium, green mold, etc.), rust, particles, filaments, nuclei, etc(flower pot wholesale supplier). The above characteristics are one of the main basis to identify fungal diseases.(high quality plastic nursery pots suppliers italy)

At the early stage of the disease, the damaged parts appeared green spots, and then gradually turned into white powder spots(v16 nursery pots). If covered with a layer of white powder, the disease spots turned gray in the later stage. The damaged leaves and stem tips were curly and atrophic, and the flowers were small and few or could not open normally(bulk plastic planters). The pathogen spores spread with the air flow, and the green leaves gradually disappeared, and the most easily spread in greenhouse.

The edge of the disease spot is mostly dark brown, and the center is light brown or gray white(grass plug trays). After infected by the pathogen, most of the flowers begin to get sick from the tip and edge of the leaf, and the near round spot appears on the leaf surface. The common fungal diseases of flower abandonment include powdery mildew, anthracnose, gray mold, rust, damping off, damping off, black spot, full spot, white silk disease(bulk garden pots), coal pollution, root rot, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, etc.

(high quality plastic nursery pots suppliers italy)At the later stage, there are black spots on the spot, which are often arranged in a ring pattern(greenhouse trays plastic). When the disease is serious, the leaves will die. Anthracnose mainly damages orchid, Clivia, camellia, plum, fig, rubber tree, cyclamen, hydrangea, evergreen, etc. The pathogen attached to the tender buds, leaves, buds and pedicels(large nursery containers). Such as the golden bell hanging upside down, Du pin in the sultry lake wet environment has this phenomenon.

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