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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers South Korea

In addition, Huangshan mud, produced in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, is also famous(plastic plant trays wholesale). Especially for some evergreen flowers, such as Pinus quinquefasciatus, camellia, azalea, cypress and so on, it is more appropriate to cut down some old roots as little as possible in accordance with the principle of "less than more", so as to prevent too much damage and affect the survival(seed starting trays wholesale). It is not necessary to change pots and change soil every year.

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For some potted flowers with fallen leaves in winter, such as pomegranate, June snow and Prunus mume, the old mud is generally removed by about 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Only individual flowers, such as Clivia and orchids, can wash the old mud and dry it before planting. For some evergreen flowers, the best choice is sunny days, when the basin soil is slightly dry, in order to take off the basin(plastic potting pots). Rural soil is commonly known as loess. The color of soil is yellow or gray.

(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers south korea)Because this kind of soil is used as a flowerpot, which is favorable for the growth and development of flowers(square grow pots). Some people in the pot to change soil, whether it is evergreen or deciduous flower varieties, smash the whole mud, and even put the roots in the water to wash before planting. This practice is generally not suitable(plastic cell trays supplier). For potted flowers raised at home, it is not suitable to remove too many old roots and original soil when turning pots and changing soil.

When the basin soil is wet, it is not suitable to turn the basin and change the soil(gallon plant pot), because it is difficult to remove the basin at this time, and it is easy to break the mud when taking off the basin. Now the common potted flower pot soil change time, the list in the following, for reference(seed propagation trays). Soil is the basis for the growth of flowers and plants. What kind of soil to choose is also an important aspect to feed and raise flowers.(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers south korea)

On the market supplies the soil with raise flower(propagation tray), the kind is more, the soil variety that uses all over the country also is not However, for the flowerpot soil, the soil with loose, fertile, air permeability, good drainage performance and rich organic matter should be selected. In this paper, taking the flower culture in Shanghai as an example, the following soils are available for selection(black plastic plant pots). This is also called natural rotten leaves.

It generally refers to the soil where vegetables, fruits and other plants are planted in the suburbs, including river mud, rice mud, mud (grass) charcoal and garden, etc(plug trays). Its characteristics: loose texture, good ventilation, water and fertilizer retention performance, rich in organic matter, nutrient rich, acid, mixed with a certain amount of coarse sand(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), can be used as acid orchid, azalea, Pinus and other rare flowers, can also be used as indoor tropical foliage plants basin.

(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers south korea)The time of changing pots can be determined according to different varieties and plant growth conditions of flowers(gallon nursery pots). Generally, one or two-year-old flowers grow rapidly, and they need to change pots 1-2 times (the last time is called planting). For example, Laili, Fusang, kumquat, Milan, rose, etc. bloom more because of their fast growth(large plastic terracotta pots). They can change pots every 1-2 years, and perennial flowers generally change pots once a year Times.

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