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Cheap Plastic Nursery Trays Wholesale Price Saudi Arabia

Asexual propagation is the use of a part of the vegetative organs of the mother plant, such as roots, stems, leaves, etc.(greenhouse supplies pots), as propagation materials, to carry out grafting, cutting, meristem, layering, etc., and washed in water, so as to form a new individual. The other has only a long nozzle without a nozzle or a flexible fine eye nozzle(200 cell plug trays supplier). The size of the basin can be selected according to the number of seeds.

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For example, the seeds of Mirabilis jalapa are black, the seeds are dark brown, the flowers are yellow, the fruits of Clivia and bamboos are purple brown(propagation tray). For example, winter corals should be done after the berries mature, dried and collected before sowing. The family raises the flower, because the sowing quantity is small, may adopt the pot sowing generally(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Sowing can be divided into field sowing and pot sowing.(cheap plastic nursery trays wholesale price saudi arabia)

Some species, such as Impatiens balsamina and tricolor cocoon, are easy to crack and need to be harvested in time to avoid seed scattering(plug trays). Some flower seeds gradually mature and should be observed every day and harvested at any time, such as Catharanthus roseus(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The above seed harvest time should be carried out in the early morning of sunny day, because the early morning air humidity is high, the fruit is not easy to crack.

(cheap plastic nursery trays wholesale price saudi arabia)The drainage hole at the bottom of the basin should be padded with broken basin pieces(gallon nursery pots), and then the prepared coarse-grained culture soil, about 1 / 3 of the basin depth, should be placed on the top with medium fine soil, and the top layer should be placed with fine soil(105 cell seed trays wholesale). After it is fully filled at the edge of the basin, the surface culture soil should be scraped with small board and pressed slightly before sowing.

When sowing, the larger seeds such as Clivia and Cyclamen can be sown on the topsoil one by one with a spacing of 2-5 cm(gallon plant pot). The covering soil is twice as thick as seed and seed. For very small seeds, the seeds can be mixed with a small amount of fine soil or bran ash to prevent seed overlapping during sowing(black plastic plant pots). After sowing, as long as the seed and the surface soil are closely bound, the soil can not be covered.(cheap plastic nursery trays wholesale price saudi arabia)

After the seed sprouts, the glass can be removed and the weak light can be seen gradually (to prevent strong sunlight). At this time, the basin soil should be slightly dry to prevent root rot(square grow pots). At the same time, pull out the dense or poorly growing seedlings to facilitate ventilation and light transmission(20 cell plug trays supplier). The ramet method is generally used for clumping perennial flowers and shrub flowers with easy sprouting branches.

Then spray water with a small hole watering pot; or use the "pot bottom infiltration method" to let the water slowly penetrate upward from the hole at the bottom of the basin(plastic grow pots). After the whole soil surface is soaked, the basin is moved to a semi shady place, and the basin surface is covered with glass to reduce water evaporation, such as Begonia spp, maintain the humidity in the basin and create germination conditions(40 cell plug trays supplier).

(cheap plastic nursery trays wholesale price saudi arabia)In order to make the seedlings grow healthily(flat plastic tray), 5% decomposed liquid fertilizer can be applied 1 ~ 2 times when 2 ~ 3 true leaves grow, so as to promote the rapid growth of seedlings, but the liquid fertilizer should be light to prevent the damage of thick fertilizer. According to different kinds of flowers, meristematic propagation can be divided into branch plant method and ball division method(104 cell plug trays supplier). The method of sowing.

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