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The types of stones that can be used to make landscape bonsai are very rich(288 cell tray), and they can be divided into hard stones and turquoises according to their texture. The former is made of hard stone, mostly using its natural mountain-shaped and chamfered patterns, and the processing is mainly cut and spliced(bulk 1.5 gallon pots); the latter is made of loose stone, and the processing is mainly based on carving, but strives not to reveal artificial traces.

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The terrain of the mountains is smooth and continuous, the shape of the mountains changes little, and the grain patterns are relatively flat, forming a long-term view(nursery tray price). The expression of landscape bonsai is rich and diverse, but in general there are the following forms. solitary peaks are mostly not matched with peaks, but dwarf rocks or fine gravel can also be arranged as islands scattered around(small plastic hanging baskets). Oval or rectangular pots are often used for pots.(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers barbados)

Commonly used tree species include elm, triangular maple, black pine, five needle pine, Fujian tea, real cypress and so on(50 cell plug flats). It is not advisable to place the mountain peaks in the middle or the edge of the basin in order to avoid dull and unstable conditions. There is a tendency of "dragon claws grabbing stones", fiction and reality coexist, hardness and softness are combined, and the painting is quaint(1 gallon plant pots distributor). The layout uses two sets of rocks, with two ends of the basin separated.

(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers barbados)The hills and rocks must be planted with dwarf woody or herbaceous plants, and various bonsai accessories can be placed according to the needs of the theme and body material(v12 nursery pots). There should be a significant difference in the height and size of the two peaks, one side is the main and the other side is the auxiliary, the height is obvious, and it is biased(greenhouse trays and pots). It is mostly used to express natural scenery with clear themes and concentrated sceneries.

A platform can be placed at the foot of the mountain, and accessories can be placed on the platform(72 plug tray). At the foot of the mountain, accessories such as pavilions, water pavilions, boat bridges, etc. can also be placed to increase the broad artistic conception of the lonely mountain and make the lonely mountain stand tall and magnificent(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). The solitary peak style is also known as the solitary peak style and the unique show style. Oval or rectangular basins are mostly used.(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers barbados)

Set a set of rocks on the left and right of the basin, one main and one time, avoiding the same height and size(mushroom growing trays). In the middle or slightly to one side of the two sets of rocks, set a set of distant mountains. The volume of the distant mountains is generally smaller than the two groups in front(bulk 4 gallon pots). The opening-and-closing layout opens before opening and closing at the rear, with the near large and the far small, with distinct levels.

(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers barbados)The basic form is three groups of rocks, and the requirements are roughly the same as the layout of the biased type(elfin thyme plug tray). The landscape bonsai is based on various natural mountains and rocks as the main material, taking the landscape scene in nature as a model, and is processed by selection and cutting, carving, splicing and other techniques(thermoform pots). Cuiluan Birun and other landscape sceneries are collectively called landscape bonsai, also known as mountain bonsai.

The heavier type is mostly used to express the majestic and tall, steep cliffs, the strange peaks and the sky(propagation trays for cuttings), the majestic scenery of the Northland mountains and rivers, with the characteristics of rigid lines, majestic shapes, and vastness. The canyon style is also known as the gorge style, which mainly expresses the scenery of rivers and canyons in nature(3 gallon pots manufacturer). It is arranged in a shallow basin to show the cliffs, dangerous peaks and hills.(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers barbados)

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