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Bonsai in our country can be divided into three categories(128 plug tray): stump bonsai, rock bonsai and tree rock bonsai according to the production materials and creative forms. By the Song Dynasty, two major categories of stump bonsai and rock bonsai have been formed(2 gallon grow pots). Because the tilt of the trunk often has a sense of weightlessness, it is often in the back of the trunk to extend a main branch as a balance branch, and rich content.

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The commonly used flower plants for vertical greening are purple lung(v11 nursery pots), Lingbei, Dijin (Parthenocissus), grape, white knock, southern snake vine, schisandra, honeysuckle, mountain wheat, trachelospermum, and Changchun mushroom. Pueraria lobata, kiwi fruit, morning glory, berry, runner bean, sailing kudzu, hubu, loofah, gold and silver gourd, small gourd, Kulou, etc(15 gallon grow bags). So far, the bonsai art in our country has a history of more than 1,300 years.(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers sweden)

The art of bonsai in our country has a long history and a long history(succulent planter tray). Since potting became popular in the Jin Dynasty, bonsai rockeries have appeared in the Six Dynasties. There were many discourses on bonsai in the Ming Dynasty, and bonsai flourished in the Qing Dynasty. After long-term trampling and use of the lawn, as well as many years of rolling and shearing, the quality of the lawn has been reduced(15 gallon garden pot). The main reasons are summarized as follows.

Root renewal method regularly uses a special spike barrel to roll back and forth on the lawn(plant plastic trays). Many small holes are punched on the ground and the grass roots are cut off. Then, fertilizer soil is applied to the holes to promote the growth of new roots, or a hob is used every 20 cm Cut a slit in the lawn, cut off the old roots, then skim the fertilized soil on the lawn, water it, and manage it to achieve the purpose of rejuvenation(bulk pots for succulents). With basins, shallow basins of various shapes are mostly used. 

(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers sweden)Using trees as the main material(plastic nursery trade pots), through horticultural cultivation, and pruning, wrapping, carving and other artistic processing or modeling, it expresses the typical images of natural trees in various forms. Stump bonsai can be divided into pines and cypresses, miscellaneous trees, Tibetan leaves, fruits, flowers, and vines according to different tree types(9 cm square plastic plant pots). According to the number of potted trees, the shape of the branches and roots, and the planting methods.

Commonly used tree species include five-needle pine, podocarpus, larch, spruce, general elm, quemei, gulixiang, Fujian tea, etc(plant trays without holes). The trunk grows obliquely, generally slightly curved, and has a strong momentum. The art of bonsai in our country is known for its unique style, varied forms(3x6 grow tray). It is known as "silent poems and three-dimensional paintings", and it has now become an important part of garden art, they are often divided into the following forms.

The treatment of root extraction is of great significance to solving the dynamic balance of the trunk(v9 nursery pots). There are a wide choice of tree species, and most of them are shallow pots. The trunk is full of bending changes, the tree is bent upward, and the side branches are mostly distributed on the convex surface of the main trunk(hydroponic plant trays). The layers are distinct and the shape is more peculiar. It often expresses the ancient and peculiar trees in nature.(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers sweden)

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