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Large Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Suppliers Germany

Turn the basin in the basin peanut long-term or indoor winter period should be carried out, generally once every half a month or so(288 cell trays bulk). Camellia, azalea, gardenia, etc., often appear due to iron deficiency caused by the "yellow disease", at this time can be added in organic fertilizer 0.5 ~ 1% ferrous sulfate (1 kg fertilizer water added 5 ~ 10 g ferrous sulfate), mixed water, once a week, application 2 ~ 3 times(bulk buy plastic plant pots), can make yellow leaves green.

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It is not the "yellow disease" caused by iron deficiency, but fungal disease or basin soil that is too wet and dry(20 cell trays bulk). If ferrous sulfate is used continuously, it will increase the disease. Foliage plants, especially for indoor ornamental plants with strong shade tolerance, do not need to apply base fertilizer, let alone phosphorus based base fertilizer(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). The method is to dissolve chemical fertilizer in water and spray it on both sides of flower leaves.(large plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers germany)

It should be noted that although Du Penghua, camellia and orchid are good fertilizers, their absorption capacity is weaker than that of the former(50 cell seed starter trays). When changing the soil in the pot, a small amount of organic fertilizer such as bean cake crumbs can be mixed into the soil, liquid chemical fertilizer can be applied in the growing period, or granular fertilizer can be sprinkled on the surface soil(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Pay attention to the application of base fertilizer.

When using this method, we must pay attention to the organic fertilizer "less than more"(72 cell seed starter trays), and the fertilizer must be fermented and decomposed, otherwise the flowers will not benefit, but will burn the root system, and even cause burnt leaves and dead branches. The common chemical fertilizer and concentration for external fertilization are urea 0.5%, superphosphate 1 ~ 3% and potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.1 ~ 0.3%(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). At the same time, like animals, it breathes in oxygen and emits carbon dioxide.

(large plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers germany)Base fertilizer can be applied to flowers for flower and fruit watching, which is usually carried out when the pot is turned over and soil is changed(18 cell seed starting trays). The fermented organic fertilizer is mixed into new soil (9 parts of new soil and 1 part of fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer) and applied into the pot(2 gallon pots wholesale). Another method is to change the pot, put the above organic fertilizer into the bottom of the pot, and then spread a layer of fine mud.

However, it should be noted that the application frequency should not be too much and the fertilization concentration should not be too high to prevent fertilizer damage(20 cell seed starting trays). The effect of fertilization outside the root is faster, which is generally used as the supplement of topdressing method in flower growth period. Therefore, potted flowers should be placed in the air flow and ventilation(16cm plastic grow pots). Because the flower leaves have pores, fertilizer can enter the plant and be absorbed.

Flowers and plants need photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and synthesize organic matter(40 cell seed starting trays). Because the oxygen released by photosynthesis greatly exceeds the oxygen absorbed by respiration, planting flowers and plants can keep the air fresh. The place where potted flowers are placed is also an important part of flower cultivation(15cm plastic grow pots). For the yellow disease caused by iron deficiency, the application of ferrous sulfate (concentrated) was 0.1 ~ 0.5%.(large plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers germany)

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