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Plant ash is widely used and simple to make(best microgreen trays). The reason is that fresh soy milk and milk contain a large amount of protein. Unfermented protein not only cannot be directly absorbed by flowers, but also often causes potting soil to form agglomerates. The tea residue contains theophylline, making it difficult for water to penetrate(heavy duty plug trays), which have a certain destructive effect on the organic nutrients in the soil.

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If used for a long time, the topsoil will become white and agglomerate on the surface(lavender plug trays wholesale). The layer is hard and beneficial, affecting the respiration and growth of the flower root system, so it is not suitable to directly use soy milk and milk to water the flowers(v15 nursery pots). Moreover, according to the information, plant ash can also control a variety of diseases and insect pests, such as root rot, blight, squeeze wax, root sister, etc.(large plastic planters wholesale direct vietnam)

According to Yuanding, black-gray tree ash contains more potassium, while gray-white tree ash contains less potassium(succulent propagation tray). In addition, the intensity of the ash color is related to the degree of burning. Chicken yellow contains 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphorus, 0.85% potassium, and also contains a variety of trace elements required for the growth and development of flowers(72 cell plant tray), and make the soil loose and have good permeability.

(large plastic planters wholesale direct vietnam)Therefore, pay attention to observation when burning plant ash(plastic nursery pots suppliers). When it is burnt to black and gray, water should be used to extinguish the fire. The fertilizer efficiency is poor. Plant ash is a quick-acting fertilizer that can be used as base fertilizer, forced fertilizer and seed fertilizer(nursery tray). Frequent application of chicken and duck manure can improve the soil, make the soil loose and fertile, and increase the capacity of retaining fertilizer and water.

If the plant ash extract can be used for extra-root top dressing after being fully filtered, especially for viewing fruit and flowers(lavender plug trays), the fruit quality is good, the stalk becomes thicker and it is not easy to fall off. Chicken and duck yellow is a high-quality complete fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency, so as not to reduce fertilizer efficiency(rooting tray); also cannot be added to human and livestock manure, low cost and wide sources.(large plastic planters wholesale direct vietnam)

When preparing the cultivation soil, you can add an appropriate amount of plant ash(plastic plant pot suppliers), which on the one hand can provide nutrients such as potassium and malformation, on the other hand, it can improve the physical properties of the soil. At this time, the fertilizer efficiency is higher(4.13inch plastic plant pots); caffeine and other alkaloids, it will turn into gray-white ashes.  The nutritional content of duck yellow is similar to that of chicken manure.

(large plastic planters wholesale direct vietnam)Vegetable ash is an alkaline fertilizer and can be used on neutral soils(plastic plant pots manufacturers), especially suitable for acidic soils, but not for saline-alkali soils, nor for flowers in acid-loving soils. It should not be mixed with ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium nitrate and other chlorine fertilizers(germination tray price), otherwise ammonium nitrogen will become ammonia and volatilize It will also reduce fertilizer efficiency.

At the same time, the residual tea covers the pot surface, if it is left to burn, which will gradually ferment and rot over time(deep propagation trays). It will hinder the pot soil ventilation and directly affect the root breathing The effect is not conducive to the growth and development of Huacai. Therefore, do not directly apply eggshells and tea dregs to the flower pot(128 cell plug flats). Fermentation time is about 2 to 3 days in summer, and 1 to 2 weeks in other seasons.(large plastic planters wholesale direct vietnam)

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