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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Taiwan

Topping should be done frequently(98 cell plug trays). If the light is insufficient and the plant grows outrageously or the growth of the plant shape is chaotic, the branches can be shortened from the base and topdressing fertilizers to encourage the plants to sprout. Fortune tree has a strong sprouting ability, regardless of the thickness of the stem(plastic hanging baskets), it can be forcibly cut, and after cutting, it will quickly grow new buds under the cut.

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The pruning of braided plants can refer to the single-dry pruning method(polystyrene plug plant trays). Pruning: First, there are more branches, naturally formed, elegant and unrestrained. If the top tip of the plant is too high, it can be short. When short, pay attention to the coordination with the side branches(4 inch plastic plant pots). Second, when the branches are too dense, the weak branches and twisted branches that are too dense can be cut to maintain ventilation.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers taiwan)The specific method is as follows(shallow germination trays): Since rubber trees grow faster and the space of the family room is limited, if the plant is too large, a shrinking method can be used to reduce the volume of the crown, and at the same time, the internal dense branches, cross branches, parallel branches and inward branches can be thinned(3 inch succulent pots). And dead branches. The single dry type is generally used for plants with thicker stems.

During the growth period, cut off the new branches that protrude from the crown or the shoots at any time(1 gallon pots for plants). This will help the tree expand and form a good tree shape, and it can also promote the expansion of the rhizome. Pruning should be done once every spring when budding(heavy duty plastic plant pots). Except for removing dense branches and thin branches, the remaining branches should be kept at an appropriate length and then cut short.

After several years of pruning and cultivation, a thick trunk and prosperous branches can be formed(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Even if only the enlarged rhizomes are left, they will quickly sprout and shoot branches on it, which also has a certain taste. During the growth period, branches sometimes sprout in the middle and lower part of the braided place, which should be removed in time. The shape of the big tree(plastic starter plant pots). Thinning and short cuts.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers taiwan)

After braiding the braided tree stems into a braid, they are tied with a rope and fixed, and they are placed on the ground and pressed with a heavy object to fix their shape(bulk pots). Braiding is generally used for thinner plants(plastic plant pots ireland). When the seedling grows to more than 2 meters, cut off the upper part at about 1.5 meters, and then put the seedlings in a semi-shaded place to dry for 1 to 2 days to make the trunk soft and easy to braid.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers taiwan)In the spring, the frozen part can be cut off(5 gallon pots for plants). Before budding in spring, the pots should be pruned heavily. In addition to cutting off dead branches, diseased and insect branches, thin branches and dense branches, it is also necessary to cut strong branches and weak branches, and cut strong branches(deep plastic plant pots). The principle of keeping 2~6 buds short for the remaining annual branches to promote multiple thick spring shoots.

During the overwintering period(perlite suppliers), the Fortune tree is often attacked by low temperature, causing part of the trunk of the plant to freeze to death, and even the part above the enlarged rhizome freezes to death. When carrying out, tie tightly with rope, the number of plants depends on the need, generally 3 plants, 5 plants or 7 plants are braided together(two gallon pot). After the fall, remove all the fall shoots in time to concentrate nutrients.

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