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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Portugal

Purple varieties include Yongshoumo, Zipanlong, Dazilian, Ziqidonglai, and purple hydrangea(black plastic plant pots). Green varieties, mainly green lotus, green cloud, etc. The red varieties mainly include Dahongpao, Zhuangyuanhong, Vermilion Peony, Gem Flower, Hongye, etc. Black and purple varieties, mainly Mohe, Moqilin and so on(succulent propagation tray). The multi-color varieties mainly include Shuaiqi, Wucaifeng, Xuezhaohongmei, and Huolian real gold.

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The time should be in mid-October(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Pick off all the new buds and buds on the stem or leaf axils, leaving only one or a few buds on the top branches to ensure even and full blooming. root splitting can be carried out from the end of November to the end of March of the following year(lavender plug trays wholesale). Use a knife to cut off the sprouts next to the chrysanthemum plant and plant it in a tile pot. When sprouts are growing in spring, apply fertilizer 1 to 2 times.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers portugal)Autumn chrysanthemums are from late May to early June, and late chrysanthemums can be planted between June and July(plug trays wholesale). The root system of lotus is relatively weak, and increasing fertilizer is an important measure to improve yield and quality. Sowing, in April, the seeds are scattered into the soil, covered with a layer of very fine sand, the pots are soaked in water, and germinate in 2 to 3 weeks(best microgreen trays). Chrysanthemum fixed its head.

In addition to applying sufficient base fertilizer(gallon pot), topdressing should be done twice, the first topdressing when 3~4 leaves stand, 750 kg of organic fertilizer per mu, and the second topdressing when the leaves appear later, the same amount as before. Promote lotus root growth. The pink-purple varieties mainly include Longfeifengwu, Fenxue, Taoyuan, Xutao, Xishi Huansha, etc(soil block propagation trays). Chrysanthemums are light, hardy, and fat. Rod insertion time.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers portugal)

Pink varieties, mainly including imperial concubine drunk, peach cheek, pink diamond, spring full of heaven and earth, color wind, etc. Topping in time(200 cell seed starting trays). After the support is alive, when four leaves are grown, the leaves and top buds above 2 leaves on the stem are removed to branch. After branching and branching, and when the leaves are grown, topping is performed(greenhouse trays plastic). After many toppings, a multi-headed chrysanthemum is cultivated.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers portugal)And fertilize 1 to 2 times(50 cell plug trays supplier). Fertilization should be based on the characteristics of chrysanthemum absorbing fertilizer, pay attention to frequent application. Most dried manure and compost are mixed as base fertilizer, and bean cake water is used as top dressing(9.06inch plastic plant pots). From the beginning of autumn to before flowering, topdressing can be applied three times, and the concentration of the fertilizer solution should be increased gradually.

The potting soil should be pure plain sand without fertilization(32 cell plug trays supplier). The room temperature should be between 5~10℃, and you should leave the room after the day is clear. Watering, when the chrysanthemum seedlings are young, watering should be controlled as much as possible; watering should be less at the beginning of transplanting(grass plug trays). For July, August, and September, you can water twice a day, and water once every ten days for ground plants.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers portugal)

In mid-May, cut off the wormwood head, a few days later, cut a 7-10 cm long chrysanthemum seedling as a scion(105 cell plug trays supplier), cut the base into a wedge, and then cut off a little bit of the stock, then use a knife to split about one centimeter from the center to remove the scion Insert, fasten, and place in the shade, and it will survive in 2 to 3 weeks(72 cell plant trays bulk). When the chrysanthemum seedling grows to 10~15 cm, it can be cultivated separately.

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