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Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Suppliers Egypt

Plum blossom (winter) plum blossom is a flower loved by people for thousands of years(105 cell plant trays bulk). It has vigorous branches, elegant style, and can be released alone in the cold and open in the snow. It is known as the character of steel and iron. In the middle of the river, the water flows for two times in July and August(lavender plug trays). The propagation of chrysanthemum mainly adopts four methods, such as root division, transplanting, grafting and sowing.

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The cultivation and management of chrysanthemum, the florists summed up in four sentences: "in March, we should plant four, and in June, we should hoe frequently. apply fertilizer(32 cell plant trays bulk). When it is about to bloom in February to March, furrows should be opened to fertilize the rotten human excrement and urine, and the decayed cake fertilizer water should be applied to potted plum blossom to urge the flowers to bloom(deep propagation trays). The best cuttings are in March in early spring.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers egypt)Plum blossom has been cultivated in China for more than 3000 years(128 cell plant trays bulk). There are records of plum planting in the book of songs. It was planted in gardens in the Han Dynasty. Scholars and painters in the southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties left many excellent works on the topic of plum blossom(128 cell plug flats). Bai Juyi wrote in his plum chanting poems that" he was bored in Yuhang for three years, and had drunk for plum blossom several times... ".

It is an important measure in plum management(50 cell plant trays bulk). Wang Qi of Song Dynasty wrote in his plum chanting poems that "the bamboo cottage is willing to be free from the dust.". Prunus, Rosaceae, Prunus, deciduous small trees. Originating in the south of the Yangtze River, Moshan in Wuhan, Meiyuan in Wuxi, Guangfu in Suzhou and Meishan in Nanjing are the most famous(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). Plum blossoms are in full bloom and the snow is like the sea.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers egypt)

The cuttings are 7-8 cm long tender stems and 3 cm plain sand soil(162 cell plug trays supplier). They can take root in 2-3 weeks. For grafting, the rootstock is Artemisia selengensis or Artemisia annua. Because Artemisia and chrysanthemum are the same family, they have strong affinity and are easy to survive. plant. It is suitable to be cultivated in March after defoliation to the following year after flowering(rooting tray). After growing up, the chrysanthemum plants are easy to fall down.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers egypt)Plum blossom is fond of sunshine, especially afraid of waterlogging. It is not strict with soil requirements(50 cell seed trays wholesale). It is better to plant in the place with slightly slope or high terrain. Because of the misunderstanding of Lin and Jing, the poet talked about today. " The pure character of plum blossom can be said to be praised(plastic nursery pots suppliers). According to the branch shape, there are straight foot plum, hanging branch plum, Longyou plum and apricot plum.

Field planted plants, after the fall leaves, dig ditches around the trees to apply sheep, pig, cow manure or cake fertilizer(200 cell plant trays bulk); potted plum blossom, combined with the application of base fertilizer, the pot soil is mixed with 20% dry manure, 20% slag, 30% loess and 30% red clay(plastic plant pots manufacturers). It is necessary to set up pillars next to the chrysanthemum stems in late July to bind the chrysanthemum plants firmly. Visitors come back to see the plum blossom.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers egypt)

The potted plum blossom should be fertilized once every 10 days until August(seed planting trays wholesale). If aphids, red spiders, scale insects, thorn moths, longicorn beetles, powdery mildew should be promptly controlled. The propagation of Prunus mume includes sowing, cutting, layering and grafting. At present, there are more than 230 varieties of Prunus mume in China(plastic plant pot suppliers). They bloom first and then grow leaves, and then they are divided into Huamei and Guomei.

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