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If it is used to cultivate Du Peng(1.5 gallon pot), camellia and other acid-loving soil flowers, it can be mixed with about 0.2% of sulfur powder: for the cultivation of cactus, prickly pear and other flowers, about 10% of the wall covering soil or limestone gravel from the lime wall can be added(128 cell plug trays). Take out the test paper and Compare the standard swatches to find the swatch number with the most similar color, that is, the value of this kind of culture soil.

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During the measurement, take a small spoonful of soil sample and place it in a clean glass(10 gallon nursery pots), add cold boiled water according to the ratio of soil-to-water ratio of 1:2 and stir thoroughly. The stacking time of various cultivation soils can be used for flowers in the same year, but it needs to be used every other year when the delicate flowers are discarded or used as soil for planting(large plastic planters). After precipitation, take a test paper and immerse it in the solution.

(large plastic planters suppliers trinidad and tobago)Although this method is not strict and thorough, it is simple and easy to implement(3 gallon planting pots). It is very loose and has strong water absorption capacity. It is a commonly used cutting material and packaging material in flower gardening. Taiwan and Japan are commonly used to cultivate Chinese orchids and tropical orchids(15 gallon nursery pots). It is suitable for the cultivation of rose, stone draft, fig, chrysanthemum, carnation and other flowers and aquatic flowers.

But the heating time should not be too long(7 gallon plant pot), otherwise it will kill the beneficial microorganisms that can decompose fertilizers, thus hindering the normal growth and development of flowers. The commonly used disinfection methods are as follows: The heating disinfection method adopts many heating methods, such as steaming forest heating, high pressure heating and steam heating(v10 nursery pots). The determination of soil acidity usually adopts the soil p called quick test method.(large plastic planters suppliers trinidad and tobago)

Since natural soil often contains pathogenic spores, pest eggs, live organisms, and weed seeds(5 gallon plant pots), the prepared culture soil needs to be disinfected before use to achieve the purpose of antidiabetic bacteria, pests, and weeds. For household flowers without heating equipment, put the prepared cultivating soil in an iron pot(seed tray price), put it on the stove for 20 minutes or steam it in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, and the effect of disinfection can also be obtained.

(large plastic planters suppliers trinidad and tobago)Regardless of the heating method, as long as it is heated to 80-100°C for 30-60 minutes, the purpose of disinfection can be achieved(1 gallon nursery pots). Wear masks and gloves during operation to prevent inhalation of the medicine into the mouth and contact with the skin to avoid adverse reactions. Its corresponding value is: strong acid soil is less than 5.0, acid soil p is 5.0~6.5, medium Sexual soil pl6.5~7.5, alkaline soil pll7.5~8.5(best 1020 trays). Strong alkaline soil p is called greater than 8.5.

It contains more humus and more minerals, showing a neutral or weak alkaline reaction. Before using the culture soil(2 gallon plant pots), it is necessary to use a sieve to sift it into a pellet while it is wet, and to mix in an appropriate amount of insecticidal and sterilizing pesticides for disinfection. The p field value is a symbol indicating the degree of acidity and alkalinity(grow bags wholesale). When there is no horse manure, thin human urine can be poured, and it can be used after full fermentation.(large plastic planters suppliers trinidad and tobago)

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