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Cheap Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Romania

Ceramsite, rock wool and sand can be used alone, perlite, vermiculite and peat can be mixed by 1:1, and the mixture ratio of peat and peat is 3:1(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). In a word, the substrate is required to provide the best environmental conditions for plant root growth, that is, the optimal proportion of water and gas(1.5 gallon plant pot). Hold the plant with one hand, and gradually add the substrate into the basin with the other hand until it is filled.

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It is no problem for flowers to survive the winter, but it is difficult for families without heating facilities to make these flowers survive the winter safely(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Nutrient solution, like substrate, is the core part of soilless culture, which is often prepared with mineral nutrients. For different kinds of flowers, we should grasp the types of elements flexibly(5.5inch plastic plant pots). The concrete attached to the roots should be washed clean, and the leaves should be washed once.

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale romania)The nutrient solution is required to have all kinds of elements needed for normal growth of plants and easy to be used by plants(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). There are some flower waste nutrient solutions produced by formal manufacturers on the market, such as 901 nutrient solution and prospect soilless culture nutrient solution, which can be used for flower soilless cultivation(greenhouse pots). Therefore, it is necessary to increase the circulation times and time of nutrient solution.

Flower lovers can also make their own nutrient solution according to the basic formula(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). The main components of nutrient solution are divided into macroelements and microelements. Here is a comprehensive formula of elements: potassium nitrate 0.7, calcium carbonate 0.7, calcium superphosphate 0.8, magnesium sulfate 0.3, iron sulfate 0.12(6 inch plastic nursery pots). Trace elements: boric acid 0.0006, calcium histate 0.0006, sulfuric acid front 0.0006, manganese sulfate 0.0006, steel sulfate 0.0006.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale romania)

When preparing, it is necessary to weigh accurately according to the formula, first put a small amount of water to dissolve various reagents(6 cell propagation trays wholesale), sometimes 50 ℃ warm water or a small amount of alcohol can be used to accelerate the dissolution. At present, there are a variety of nutrient solutions used at home and abroad, but each nutrient solution has its limitations, and no formula can be suitable for all plants(plastic plant pots canada). The unit of quantity is g / L.

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale romania)Then, formalin or potassium permanganate diluent is used to disinfect the root system and the cultivation substrate, so as to ensure the good growth of the plant(plant start trays wholesale). When cutting, plant location is the key. Pay attention to the position of the junction point of rhizome in the basin, which is on the same plane with the substrate surface(cheap nursery pots). Pay attention to make the substrate as dense as possible to form a good water absorption system.

To adopt soilless culture technology, it is required to change potted flowers cultivated in soil into soilless culture(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). The specific methods are as follows: but different kinds of flowers are different, so we should hold them according to the types of flowers(sowing tray). Before planting, attention should be paid to disinfection and cleaning. It is better to add different sizes of matrix layer by layer, such as sand at the bottom and ceramsite at the top.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale romania)

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