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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Florida

Processing: Long cypress should not be excessively trimmed(50 cell plug trays supplier). The modeling processing is mainly for climbing. Brown wire or metal wire can be used for climbing. It is more convenient to use metal wire for climbing and can be twisted and stretched freely. The focus should be on the climbing shape of the trunk and big branches(bulk pots). Don't climb too tightly to allow the branches to grow. 

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It is advisable to perform posture adjustment in March to April(200 cell plant trays bulk). During the rainy season, be careful not to allow water to accumulate in the basin, water in the morning and evening in summer, and keep the soil moist in winter. The requirements for fertilizers are not strict. The branches and leaves can be dense and good growth. Large branches that affect the shape of the tree should be pruned during the dormant period.(cheap plastic seed trays suppliers florida)

Repotting: Long cypress bonsai grows slowly, and it can be repotted every 3 to 4 years, preferably in spring from March to April(72 cell plant trays bulk). When repotting, you can cut off some old roots, remove 1/2 of the old soil, and replace it with fertile and loose culture soil to promote the growth and development of new roots(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Placement: Longbai should be placed in a well-ventilated and sunny place. Longbai is mainly based on topping.

(cheap plastic seed trays suppliers florida)Especially cliff-type bonsai, using thousand-tube pots, the bottom of the pot should be filled with 1/3 of broken tiles and coarse sand to prevent water accumulation and facilitate growth(32 cell plant trays bulk). Cypress tree shape can be made into straight dry type, diagonal dry type, curved dry type or cliff type(plastic planters bulk). The branches of Larch are flat, the posture is beautiful, the leaf color is changeable, and the color is rich. 

Fertilization(105 cell plant trays bulk): The branches and leaves are topped with the method of removing the strong and staying weak, and the high and short staying, to control the growth, so that the scales and leaves are densely grown, the branches and leaves are plump, and the posture is elegant and simple(black plastic plant pots wholesale). Watering: Longbai is resistant to drought and is afraid of waterlogging, so watering should not be too wet.(cheap plastic seed trays suppliers florida)

Spray more water in summer, and transplant them in the spring of the second year after survival to cultivate large seedlings(50 cell plant trays bulk). It is also necessary to pay attention to the bottom of the basin with tiles and a layer of coarse sand to facilitate drainage. The trunk of Longbai is straight, with branches around the trunk to hug and grow, like a flat dragon, with a vigorous posture(shallow germination trays). The twigs can be properly trimmed and shaped.

(cheap plastic seed trays suppliers florida)Pest control(128 cell plant trays bulk): The main diseases of Longbai are rust, which can be controlled by spraying 1% Bordeaux liquid or 3% lime water: the main pest is red spider, which can be sprayed with 80% dichlorvos 1500 times liquid for treatment. It must be dry and wet, not dry and not watered(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Generally, you can live through the winter outdoors by placing the basin in a place where it is sheltered from the sun.

Artificial propagation: Cuibai is usually propagated by inserting, layering or grafting(23cm plastic grow pots). It can withstand the cold in winter. Except for small bonsai in the high temperature period of midsummer, shade is generally not required. The roots can be grown in about 8 months(polystyrene plug plant trays). Apply thinly decomposed cake fertilizer or organic fertilizer 2 to 3 times every spring from March to May, and apply 1 to 2 times in autumn.(cheap plastic seed trays suppliers florida)

The top part of the elongated side branches can be cut off to promote the growth of side branches(162 cell plug trays supplier). When the early summer enters the vigorous growth period, topping and topping should be carried out in time to keep the canopy dense and beautiful. After inserting, pour water thoroughly and set up a shed for shading(98 cell plug trays). During this period, as long as the leaves do not fall off, they must be managed carefully.

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