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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Ukraine

In general, the best ornamental effect is when the tender leaves are first developed in spring and turn golden in autumn(long life propagation trays). After the leaves fall in winter, we can enjoy the scenery of cold forest with the combined planting and jungle style of the bonsai. Place: jinqiansong should be placed in a sunny, warm and humid environment(105 cell plug trays supplier). As long as the technology is appropriate, the survival rate can reach more than 90%.

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In winter, it should be placed in the room not lower than 0C, and in summer, it should be shaded properly(rootmaker propagation trays). Usually, the seedlings of 3-year-old Platycladus orientalis are used as rootstocks, and the branches and shoots of 2-year-old Platycladus orientalis are used as scions. Turn basin: turn basin every 3-4 years, pay attention to keep part of mycorrhizal soil, remove part of old soil, cut off bad roots, and replace with new soil(32 cell plug trays supplier). Seedlings should be planted with old soil.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale ukraine)Artificial propagation: Cupressus wilfordii is usually propagated by means of supporting and grafting(nursery tray manufacturers). The cuttings are usually carried out in April, and the mother tree about 10 years old should be selected for cuttings, and the lateral branches of the middle and upper part of the crown should be cut(2.5 inch square plastic pots). The branches of young trees are not suitable to be taken because of their insufficient growth and low survival rate of hairy roots.

Because the pot is shallow, it is better to tie the root with copper wire according to the layout and fix it at the bottom of the pot, and then remove it when the pot is turned over(one gallon pot). Cut off the small lateral branches of the part buried in the soil, immerse the base in 500 ppm acetic acid solution for about 1 minute, take out the cuttings, and then carry out the cuttings. The length of cuttings is 12-20 cm(20cm plastic grow pots). The depth of cuttings is about 1 / 3 or 1 / 4.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale ukraine)

Abdominal grafting was carried out in April of spring, and soil was buried to the grafting part after grafting(1.5 gallon nursery pots). After the cuttings, press the soil with your fingers to make the soil close to the cuttings, water the cuttings, and then build a shed for shading. The best seedbed soil is sandy loam or rotten leaf soil, loose and fertile, suitable for growth(72 cell propagation trays). The grafted seedlings are easy to manage and grow fast, so they are suitable for making Longbai bonsai.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale ukraine)After survival, the upper branches and leaves of the rootstocks can be cut off in April of the next year, and then the above rootstocks can be cut off at the joint(2 gallon pots wholesale). If it is not viable, it can be grafted again. Choose basin: Longbai should use purple sand pottery basin or glazed pottery basin, chisel stone basin also can(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). Watering: jinqiansong is not resistant to drought, so it is better to keep the basin soil moist and water it as soon as it is dry.

Generally, cliff type should use thousand tube basin, curved dry type should use shallow rectangular basin, and straight dry type should use medium deep round or oval basin(10 gallon plastic nursery pots). Soil use: Longbai has no strict requirements on soil. It can grow in neutral soil, calcareous soil or slightly acidic soil, but it is better to use fertile and permeable sandy loam(200 cell seed starting trays). Potted soil is usually cultivated with mature garden soil or rotten leaf soil mixed with appropriate amount of sandy soil or chaff ash.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale ukraine)

Planting: it should be carried out from March to April in spring or autumn(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). If the old soil falls off, it should be dipped in mud. Large seedlings should be planted with complete soil mass. The bottom of the basin should be padded with broken tiles and a layer of coarse sand to facilitate water permeability. It is better to use a small amount of 70% diclofenac powder for soil disinfection(15 gallon plastic plant pots). Grafting propagation should adopt abdominal grafting method.

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