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Cheap Plastic Planting Trays Factory Netherlands

The leaf surface is easy to be stained with ash, and can be often sprayed to keep the leaf surface clean(32 cell seed starting trays). The root system is very strong, you can choose larger and deeper flower organs. When choosing flowerpot, you can try to compare it more. The round mouth flower organ is a good choice(plastic plant pot suppliers). After being tanned and ashed, it will turn green again soon. At the same time, it is obviously dormant in high temperature in summer.

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In the spring and autumn growing season, "drinking water" is particularly severe, which can increase the amount of watering(105 cell seed starting trays); in summer, when the temperature is high, it will be dormant, so it is necessary to reduce the water amount and prolong the watering time. The growth rate is very slow, not much in one year. A kind of small jade dew, the diameter is generally not more than 5 cm, it is easy to group into a piece(lavender plug trays). It is necessary to reduce watering or cut off water directly.

(cheap plastic planting trays factory netherlands)It can also be cultivated alone(50 cell seed starting trays). The leaves spread out and take up more area. The main way of propagation is ramets. The perennial old plants will grow small lateral buds from the side of leaves and cut them into the soil to take root. Mini cute, suitable for mini combination cultivation(deep propagation trays). Afraid of exposure to the sun, like mild sunshine, can be placed behind the screen and glass to receive about 2 hours of sunshine every day.

Also known as the "triangular glazed Lotus", it is a succulent plant that prefers a semi shade environment(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Its leaves are normally green and transparent like crystal. Too much sunlight will turn the leaves into gray, and the strong sunlight will make the leaves red, sometimes even directly destroy the leaves(128 cell plug flats). It is better to put them behind the glass or screen window to receive a small amount of sunshine during cultivation.(cheap plastic planting trays factory netherlands)

You can spray water to spend the summer, and you can also completely astigmatism maintenance in summer(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). Root system is relatively strong, you can choose a deeper pot. Twelve volumes of succulent plants are more suitable for the same kind of combination cultivation, and Yulu, aloe and other matching planting are very good(rooting tray). It can also be cultivated in half shade, and can grow healthily by giving enough sunshine for 1-2 hours every day.

(cheap plastic planting trays factory netherlands)Its growth rate is not too fast, and the variety habits are similar, in the late maintenance is also more convenient(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). The main way of propagation is to separate the new buds around the main plant and plant them separately. In the growing season, there will be many small buds, which are easy to reproduce(v15 nursery pots). If the soil humus is too strong, it will affect the rooting, which can be seen from the plant state. If the wrinkles are not full, check the soil preparation.

The root system is relatively strong, and it is easy to grow in groups(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). We can choose deeper and larger flower organs. A large amount of water can be supplied in spring and autumn. The leaves are usually green, too much sunshine, and the root system is not growing well, it is easy to turn to gray, which looks very unhealthy(nursery tray). In spring and autumn, when the root system is strong, the leaves will turn reddish, and even the whole plant will turn red in some special places.

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