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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Turkey

Someone has done an experiment(288 cell tray). After the yellow leaves of Du Peng flower were watered with fertilizer made from peel and vegetable leaves for 20 days, the leaves began to turn from yellow to green; after the jasmine leaves were yellow, the leaves began to turn green after 15 to 18 days after watering the fertilizer, and the flowering period was longer(thermoform pots). Taomi water is really a good fertilizer for family flowers.

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Reporting method(v12 nursery pots): Wash the peels and vegetable leaves and chop them, put them in a tank, add water, cover with a cover or seal with plastic film, and expose to the sun to make them ferment quickly. It takes about 1 week in summer. Avoid turbid liquid polluting the leaves and flowers and affect the viewing(v10 nursery pots). Therefore, the use of rice-washing water is definitely beneficial to the growth and development of flowers.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers turkey)

Fermented milk contains more phosphorus and potassium, which can promote healthy plant growth and good flowering(50 cell plug flats). The method of fermentation is very simple. Put the rice water in an empty jar or a large beverage bottle, and close the jar (bottle) tightly. It can be used for about 10 days in summer and 3 weeks in other seasons(hydroponic farming tray). Stir it before use. When watering the flowers, be careful not to pour it on the leaves and flowers.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers turkey)The rice-washing water is mixed with bran powder and broken rice grains(mushroom growing trays), which are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen and trace elements and other nutrients needed for the growth of flowers. Just one thing to note is that the rice water must be fully fermented before it can be used to water the flowers(greenhouse trays and pots), otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the flowers and will not be able to function as they should.

The prepared fruit peel and vegetable leaf liquid fertilizers are acidic(72 plug tray). After application, they not only provide nutrients for the flowers, but also regulate the pH of the soil and make the soil change. Acid (lower pH), it is beneficial to cultivate acid-loving flowers and trees planted in the north(small plastic hanging baskets). When using, it can be flexibly controlled to adjust the soil pH according to the habit of different flowers and discards.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers turkey)

At the same time, because the rice water contains more phosphorus, it can promote the differentiation of flower buds and the formation of flower buds(propagation trays for cuttings), making flowers and trees more blooming and fruiting. Flower-promoting flower-promoting flower fertilizer formula: 95% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 4.4% urea(orchid plug trays), 0.2% ferrous sulfate, 0.2% nitrate, 0.05% manganese sulfate, 0.05% zinc sulfate, 0.1% made from sulfuric acid.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers turkey)When watering flowers 1-2 times the water, the spit value is about 5.7-6.3; when the water is 3-4 times, the bid value is about 6.5-6.8(elfin thyme plug tray); when the water is 5 times, the i value is about 7 (because the city tap water is mostly biased) For the sake of silverness). Flower Qi has certain requirements on the pH of the soil(hole tray). Any flower that requires p value below 7 is called acid-loving soil flower. Control 5-6 days in advance.

Due to different processing methods, the prepared bone meal is divided into three types: raw bone meal, steamed bone meal and degummed bone meal(nursery tray price). Sesame paste residue, the original liquid after soaking and fermentation, must be diluted with water in a certain proportion to reduce the concentration before it can be applied to flowers(128 plug tray). These plant wastes contain nutrients needed by a variety of flowers.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers turkey)

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