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Cheap Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Singapore

The pathogen mainly invades from the root neck and root, mostly in the stem base near the ground(succulent plant pots bulk). Continuous cropping is also susceptible to disease. In case of serious diseases, rotation should be carried out to avoid continuous cropping. Botrytis cinerea is one of the most common true commercial diseases of flowers(round plastic flower pots). It is mainly harmful to leaves, but also to stems and flowers.

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The diseased part was brown and decayed, and white oblique filaments appeared in the diseased part(large plastic hanging baskets). In the late stage of the disease, the sclerotia of the size of tea brown rapeseed grew in the diseased area. The pathogen overwinters in the remains of diseased plants, weeds or soil by hyphae or sclerotia(3 inch plastic nursery pots). Sclerotia can survive in soil for several years, and spread from diseased plants to healthy plants through bacterial lines.

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale singapore)The soil is moist, the water is warm and the acid soil is serious(small plastic garden pots). The occurrence of the disease could be aggravated by over dense vegetation, poor ventilation and light transmission, and the damage of scale insects. Potted soil should be aseptic soil(20 inch plastic flower pots). At the beginning of the disease, 75% chlorothalonil or 70% thiophanate methyl 1000 times solution was sprayed once every half a month for 2 ~ 3 times continuously.

The control measures are as follows: disinfection of seedlings and soil(large plastic plant containers outdoor). Before planting, the dosage of pentanitrobenzene was about 75 g / m2. The pathogens of the disease were actinomycetes and Alternaria Cerasus. The roots of seedlings were soaked in 500 times solution of 70% thiophanate methyl for about 10 minutes, and then cut and planted(10 inch nursery pots). High temperature and high humidity are the main conditions of the disease.(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale singapore)

Planting should not be too dense, pay attention to ventilation and light transmission(15 inch plastic plant pots): the application of fully decomposed organic fertilizer, because the unripe organic fertilizer is the suitable nutrient source for pathogens, and is one of the important reasons for inducing diseases(big plastic garden pots). The white silk blight mainly damages the root and root neck of plants, and causes the whole plant to die when it is serious. Chemical control.

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale singapore)The disease spread can be inhibited by timely pulling out the diseased plants and spraying the wine with 1000 times of 50% carbendazim on the rhizosphere soil(large plastic tree containers). Trichoderma preparation can also be applied into the soil to promote the mass propagation of Trichoderma, which can play a role in controlling and preventing the disease(4 gallon plant pot). Brown spot is one of leaf spot diseases. Strengthen cultivation management.

After infected by the pathogen(black plastic pots wholesale), round, oval or irregular brown or black brown disease spots appear on the leaves (some with concentric whorls); in the late stage of disease, small black spots grow on the spot, and when serious, the disease spots connect into pieces, and finally die, resulting in a large number of scorched leaves(injection molded pots). It can also spread through rain and other transmission. It is mainly caused by Botrytis cinerea.(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale singapore)

The seedlings were soaked in 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes before loading(plastic pots for succulents). Improve the environmental conditions, improve the resistance of host plants. Increase the application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, ammonia fertilizer should be appropriate(large black plastic pots for plants). Planting or flower pots should not be placed too close to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. Remove water in time and reduce humidity.

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