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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Kenya

The size of flowerpot can refer to the following standards(plug trays for sale): the cross-section of flower branches and leaves distributed around (commonly called pengtou) is slightly larger or consistent than the diameter of the basin mouth, which is harmonious in appearance and has room for root development and extension(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Pull out the mixture, smash and sift the fine soil, which is the composting soil.

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Push the basin edge forward with both feet to separate the pot soil from the flowerpot(72 cell propagation tray). If you buy back the flower seedlings with mud, there should be a gap of 2-3 cm between the mud ball and the basin wall, so that it is easy to add new soil when the seedlings are put on the pot(black plastic plant pots wholesale). The diseased branches, dead branches and overlapping branches should be cut off in combination with changing pots.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers kenya)

Then the potted flowers grow luxuriantly in the first year or two, but after that, the branches are slender(plant starter trays), the leaves are sparse, the flowers are small and few, and the fragrance is also weakened. Such as rose, brandy, smile, lily, Milan, Hydrangea and so on have this phenomenon(shallow germination trays). If you take a look at the flowers that have not been changed for several years, you will find that the roots are intertwined and very crowded.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers kenya)This is because in the case of small pots and little mud(3 gallon nursery pots), new roots constantly compete with each other for fertilizer and seize land. However, changing pots can make roots fully absorb nutrients. When changing pots, the old roots should be thinned and some new soil can be used to provide nutrients that can not be obtained by fertilization at ordinary times(98 cell plug trays). However, the cut root and soil should not exceed 1 / 4 of the original root and soil.

If the plants are too weak, they should be pruned by a large margin, and some of them are even cut off from the base to promote the germination of strong branches(2 gallon nursery pots). The new basin should be slightly larger than the original basin, and a small amount of fertilizer should be put in the bottom of the basin as the base fertilizer(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). There are many reasons for this, but the common reason is that the basin has not been changed.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers kenya)

Then compost soil is a common culture soil for potted flowers(cheap plastic flower pots). It uses dead branches, fallen leaves, grass, pericarp, excrement, hair bone and internal organs of plants as raw materials, plus old soil, furnace ash and garden soil, which are laid and piled up in layers, and then irrigated with human and animal manure, and finally covered with garden soil around and above(polystyrene plug plant trays). After more than half a year of storage, let it ferment and rot.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers kenya)The residue under the rest will be piled up and stored to make the next composting soil(plastic nursery plant pots). When making compost soil, attention should be paid not to make the accumulated soil too wet, so that aerobic bacteria can have enough air to decompose organic matter and produce nitrides and sulfides(bulk buy plastic plant pots). During the growth of flower seedlings, the application of thin fertilizer once every 1-2 weeks can raise the flowers well.

If it is too wet, the anaerobic bacteria will decompose the organic matter into ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which will be lost in the air and reduce the fertilizer efficiency(plant growing pots). The compost soil and sand soil mixed with half of each other to plant flowers, both fertile and conducive to drainage, the effect is very good(4 inch plastic pots bulk). For example, the effect of planting orchid, camellia, azalea, Clivia, Milan and other rare flowers and trees is also good.

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