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Best Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Price NZ

Colonization method: ground planting(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Most of the seeds and seedlings of overlord whip are colonized from April to May. Dig holes according to the row spacing of 60cm and plant spacing of 60cm, with a diameter of 45cm and a depth of 45cm(128 cell plug trays). Do not use a wire with a too small cross-sectional area, so as not to consume too much power or even cause fire. 

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Plant one three-year-old seedling in each hole, cover with soil and water(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Before planting, 30 ~ 50g horseshoe pieces can be put as base fertilizer, and one three-year-old seedling can be planted in each pot(128 cell seed trays). Now our country has sufficient electricity, the price of the electric heating cable is cheap, and the temperature controller is only 100 yuan, and it can be used for many years, and it can be used repeatedly within a year.

After filling, it can be watered once and shaded for 2 ~ 3 days to make it normally exposed to sunlight(162 cell seed starting trays). Flowers unisexual; Cymes; Inflorescence involucre green; Flowers small, inconspicuous, yellowish brown. Thistle fruit is spherical. Seeds small, ovoid(105 cell plant trays). The flowering period is from February to April(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Main uses: this plant can be planted in the open in tropical areas; Temperate areas must be potted for viewing. 

Seedling cultivation: this kind of plant is mainly propagated by supporting and inserting method, which is mostly carried out from March to May every year(10cm plastic plant pots). There are many agricultural temperature controllers that can be mailed directly at a price of about 100 yuan(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). For example, the Shanghai Agricultural Machinery Research Institute has been producing and handling the business of mailing temperature controllers.

It needs more water when a large number of plant leaves grow, and it is necessary to control watering when plant leaves fall off(105 cell plug trays). There is a large demand for fertilizer. Beautification effect: now the stem of overlord whip is strong and full of strength, giving people a sense of rigidity and pulling(14 cm plastic plant pots). Large flowerpots can be used as containers(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). It is advisable to choose a place with high terrain and plenty of sunshine. 

In addition to applying an appropriate amount of base fertilizer during colonization, thin liquid fertilizer can also be applied every 2 ~ 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(200 cell seed trays). Note that topdressing is not necessary when the plant is dormant. Potted, Bawangbian seedlings are mostly planted from April to May(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Its morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herbs grow in clusters. The plant height is about 10 cm.

Bawangbian likes the environment with sufficient sunlight, which makes it difficult for plants to grow normally(13cm plastic plant pots). It grows well in the temperature range of 25 ~ 30 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃. In actual cultivation(72 cell seedling trays), Overlord whip will be damaged by stem rot, anthrax, red spider, scale insect and other harmful animals(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Key points of management: Bawangbian likes dry soil environment. 

Under good management, the best viewing period of land planters can be up to 10 years or even longer(288 cell plug tray). The best viewing period for potters can reach more than 8 years after forming. Without turning the pot, its continuous planting should not exceed 3 years(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Since 1982, the author has used electric hotbed to raise seedlings every year, and more than 50000 seedlings were raised with one thread in 1999.

It is a powerful fleshy plant(seedling tray 104 holes). Then, because of its easy management and drought resistance, it is an ideal material to beautify the open space. The hotbed that uses the electric heating line to convert electric energy into heat energy to heat the soil is called the electric hotbed(50 deep cell plug trays). The formal electric hotbed also includes temperature control with a temperature controller(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). The electric hotbed is mainly used for seedling raising.

The electric hotbed can effectively increase the ground temperature and near-surface temperature, fundamentally solve the contradiction of low ground temperature in winter and spring nursery(9cm flower pots), greatly shorten the time from sowing to emergence, significantly increase the emergence rate, and improve the quality of seedlings(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Electric heating wire The electric heating wire converts electrical energy into heat. 

The outer skin is made of insulating material resistant to water, acid, and salt and alkali, and the inner core is made of multiple strands (1 strand of 250 watts) of alloy material(72 cell plug trays). There are currently three types of electric heating cables: 250 watts, 800 watts, and 1,000 watts(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Therefore, it is very suitable to use electric hotbeds when family gardens are used to raise seedlings in protected areas during non-growing seasons.

The 250-watt cable is 30 meters long, the 800-watt cable is 100 meters long, and the 1M0-watt cable is 120 meters long(32 cell seedling tray). The temperature controller can automatically control the ground temperature of the electric hotbed(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). The principle is to automatically control the on and off of the power supply, and then achieve the function of automatically controlling the ground temperature(200 cell trays). It likes high temperature and is not cold resistant.

Planting years: This plant is perennial, although its formation is relatively rapid, but the plant is not easy to age(32 cell plug tray). The family vegetable garden has a small area for growing seedlings, just use 250 watts. If it is powered on for 8 hours a day, it only uses 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a day(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). If it is used only during the period from sowing to germination, it will consume 2 crops and consume 30 electricity(128 cell trays). Around kWh.

The use of the temperature controller saves about 1/3 of the electricity, so that the temperature does not exceed the suitable temperature range of the seedlings, and can meet the requirements for different ground temperatures(200 cell plug trays). When using the temperature controller, just put the temperature sensor of the temperature controller in the soil of the hotbed(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). Turn the temperature knob to the desired temperature value.

At this time, an AC contactor should be used, which controls the on and off of the power supply of the electric heating wire, and the on and off of the AC contactor is controlled by a temperature controller(50 cell plug trays). Pay attention to safety when using it. However, if the plant is too tall, it shall be raised and renewed in advance(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz). This work is carried out by an electrician or a person who understands electricity, pay special attention to safety.

There are already many factories in our country that are engaged in production, such as the Shanghai Agricultural Machinery Research Institute(162 cell plug tray). In fact, the products produced by T also have errors. The wire itself expands and contracts with heat, the tension is different when the wire is drawn, and there is also a measurement error when the wire is nailed, so it is generally not exactly 30 equal length wires(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz).

The electric heating wire is directly connected to the knife switch due to economic conditions or when the temperature controller cannot be purchased, the electric heating wire can also be connected to the knife switch with a wire, and the on and off is manually controlled at regular intervals(12.5 cm plant pots), such as disconnecting the power supply in the morning(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price nz), Close the knife at night, depending on the ground temperature.

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