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Cheap Black Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers Saudi Arabia

The soil was disinfected before cutting, and the seedlings were soaked in 300 ~ - 400 times solution of 65% mancozeb WP for 10 ~ 12 minutes before planting(heavy duty plastic planters). After being damaged by the pathogen, brown to reddish brown watery spots appeared at the initial stage, and gradually expanded, then turned brown or black brown soft rot(black succulent pot), and the whole leaf turned black. The spot also occurred between the stem nodes.

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After the infected flowers, brown water like spots appeared on the petals, which rapidly expanded and rotted, and gradually dried up to brown, causing flower rot(plastic pots that look like terracotta). The leaves on the diseased branches became heavy and the diseased parts were broken. The pathogen overwinters in the diseased body and the diseased part by conidia and mycelium(plastic plant pots outdoor). From March to may, Botrytis cinerea is easy to occur in greenhouse flowers.(cheap black plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)

Under the condition of high humidity, there are dense gray brown mould on the diseased part, namely conidia and conidiophores of pathogenic bacteria(4 inch pots wholesale). Stem disease is often near the ground stem base branch of the first infection, irregular spots, dark brown, water heritage. Planting should not be too dense to facilitate ventilation and light transmission(black plastic growers pots).  Spraying once every 15 days or so for 2 ~ 3 times can achieve good control effect.

(cheap black plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)Finally, the bacteria invade by stomata and wound, and can also invade directly, but mainly by wound(large plastic plant trays). Cold, rainy, humid or dewy weather is conducive to the disease, which is conducive to the formation, release and invasion of conidia. In addition, the occurrence of Botrytis cinerea could be aggravated by excessive application of ammonia fertilizer, lack of calcium, insufficient light(black plant pots plastic), weak growth or continuous cropping for many years.

The control measures are as follows: in general, strengthen the cultivation management, improve the disease resistance of flower waste itself(bulk plastic pots for plants). Potted plants should be replaced with new culture soil once a year. Watering should avoid spraying to the leaf surface, and there should be no water in the flowerpot(propagation trays wholesale). The black spot disease mainly damages rose, rose, rose, rose, plum blossom, peony, chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Canna and other flowers.(cheap black plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)

During the growth period, do not apply nitrogen fertilizer, but increase calcium fertilizer(bulk pots for sale). Reduce the incidence of wounds. Chemical control. In the early stage of the disease, the diseased leaves, branches, buds and diseased flower caps were removed in time, and then sprayed with 800 ~ 1000 times of 50% mancozine or 1500 times of 70% thiophanate methyl WP(teku plastic nursery pots). In addition to the affected part, the spraying focuses on the soil surface.

(cheap black plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)This disease can harm orchid(bulk fabric pots), Clivia, peony, peony, Impatiens, Chlorophytum, iris, Canna, Narcissus, gerbera, guaye chrysanthemum, lily, hyacinth, tulip, dahlia, chrysanthemum, carnation, Persian chrysanthemum, marigold, camellia, cabbage, cactus and other flowers. Botrytis cinerea can damage the leaves, stems, flowers and fruits of host plants(ten gallon pot), resulting in the decay and necrosis of tissues or organs, and reduce the ornamental value.

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