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Cheap Black Plastic Nursery Pots Manufacturers China

In 1994, when the National Flower Association selected peony as the national flower(gallon planters supplier), orchid (spring), lotus (summer), chrysanthemum (Autumn) and plum (winter), which were highly praised in the selection, were selected as the four seasons famous flowers in China. The ten famous flowers are caused by people's traditional habit of loving flowers(v14 nursery pots). As a symbol of the prosperity of a nation and a country, it is a symbol of prosperity.

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The literati in history praise the flower vomit songs with profound implication, forming ten famous flowers and giving them concise character expression(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Peony is the national flower, recorded in the Ming Dynasty. Peony also has a strong cultural holographic phenomenon. Therefore, this classification has great practical significance. China is a big country with abundant peony resources(plug plant trays). The primary root is white and turns yellow (brown).

(cheap black plastic nursery pots manufacturers china)In 1994, the China Flower Association organized the selection of the national flower of China(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), and peony was once again selected as the national flower, which endowed it with the overall symbol of the country and nation, and the important meaning of stability, unity and unified development(soil block trays). This result is selected by certain organizations according to the cultivation history, temperament, reputation and function of flowers.

It has a strong guiding and praising effect on the production and development of flowers(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). National flower is highly praised by people. In history, there are many poets who are fascinated by the beauty of the peony, describing and eulogizing them to their heart's content. As a result, there are various flower fairs with peony as the medium, poems, poems, legends, stories, and anecdotes about peony(5.12inch plastic plant pots). There are countless textual research and notation of peony.(cheap black plastic nursery pots manufacturers china)

According to the investigation(cheap 2 gallon container), peony is cultivated in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Hebei, Gansu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hainan, etc., and can be divided into wild species, semi wild species and horticultural cultivation species(farm tray). In 1903, the Qing government decreed peony as the national flower.

(cheap black plastic nursery pots manufacturers china)It has realized people's wish of adoring peony. Nowadays, Heze, Luoyang, Beijing, Linxia, Tianpeng County, Tongling and other places are relatively large and concentrated(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Heze, Shandong Province, is the largest cultivation area and the most varieties in China, including "Caozhou Peony Garden", "Tianxiang garden", "Liji peony country", "wanhuayuan", "Gujin Garden", etc.(seedling trays), with a total area of more than 800 hectares and more than 600 varieties.

Tianpeng County in Sichuan, Longxi, Linxia, Lanzhou, Tongling and Ningguo in Anhui Province have large cultivated areas and varieties(bulk 4 gallon pots). Peony is a kind of perennial deciduous shrub belonging to Paeoniaceae, Paeonia. The root is fleshy, thick and long, with lignified center, 0.5-0.8m in length. The root types include straight root, slope root and intermediate root(288 plug tray). At present, more than 100 countries in the world have their own national flowers.(cheap black plastic nursery pots manufacturers china)

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