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Generally, it takes 55-60 days for the early flowering varieties to blossom, and more than 65 days for the late flowering varieties(6 cell trays bulk). The flowering period is 7-15 days, and the full flowering period is 5-7 days. The required temperature conditions are: winter buds start to sprout at 3-5 ℃, sprout, show buds and leave leaves at 6-8 ℃, revealing the bud(15 gallon pots). A single flower can blossom 20-50 seeds and set 400-600 seeds.

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The buds increase and loosen at 12-15 ℃ and bloom at 16-22 ℃(2 gallon plant pots). When the temperature is too high, the growth is slow and semi dormant. There are 13 periods of annual growth and development. The life cycle of Paeonia suffruticosa needs to go through five stages: embryo, young, weak, mature and old(128 cell plug flats). For example, 3.6 ℃ is the biological starting point temperature, and the total accumulated temperature is 315.2 ℃.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)It can be seen that temperature can affect the whole process of peony flowering, and controlling temperature can achieve the purpose of early or delayed flowering(1 gallon pots). Those who have been planted separately are weak in one year, strong in two years, strong in three years, AIDS in eight years, sunflower in twenty years, and old in fifteen years(lavender plug trays). For 4-5 years, a flower can bear 30-50 seeds, and more than 80 seeds.

Therefore, no matter in greenhouse, plastic greenhouse or open field cultivation(5 gallon pots), the flowering temperature of Peony under different temperature conditions is required to be 16-18 ℃, and it will not bloom when it is lower than 16 ℃. Before and after the "vernal equinox", the flower stems were extracted and the leaves were expanded. The buds of "Qingming" expanded rapidly, and "Guyu" began to blossom(14cm plant pots). Root growth characteristics.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)

When the seeds of Paeonia suffruticosa were sown in the summer, the radicle grew into young roots after about 30 days(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the main roots grew to 5-7 cm in 60 days, and 3-5 lateral roots were separated, and the root length was 7-10 cm in 90 days(deep propagation trays). The embryonic stage begins with the formation of embryo and ends at seed germination; the germination of one seed proves the emergence of a new peony individual.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)Based on years of observation and practice, peony growers in the Central Plains of China used to divide the annual period from germination in spring to dormancy in autumn without falling leaves into 13 periods(12 cell trays bulk), namely, in the germination stage, the overwintering scale buds began to expand and crack (the average temperature was stable at 3-5 ℃)(succulent propagation tray); during the germination period, the tip of the scale bud expanded and cracked.

In the relative dormancy stage, the plant stopped growing in late November and entered the relative dormancy period(24 cell trays bulk). There are two methods of propagation of Paeonia suffruticosa: sexual reproduction and asexual propagation. Sexual reproduction, also known as seed propagation(fabric grow bags wholesale). Generally, the single petal flower bears more seeds and bears more seeds. The peony plant propagated by seed will blossom and seed after three years.

At this time, the aboveground and underground parts grow rapidly, if the soil is fertile, it can enter the peak period of flowering and seed setting(4 cell trays bulk); from the seedling flowering to the growth and development of the 15th year is the prime stage, at this time, the roots are deeply rooted, the aboveground branches are luxuriant(perlite manufacturers), the tree vigor is beautiful, and the flowers are big and colorful, which is the best period for viewing.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)

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