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Cell Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Trinidad and Tobago

If the flowers or colors are found to have variation, they should be collected and planted separately(flat plastic tray). The collection and storage of flower seeds depends on the species of flowers. In order to harvest flower seeds, it is necessary to master the maturity period and maturity of flower seeds(seed starter trays). For most flower seeds, it is necessary to wait until the seeds are fully mature before harvesting. Harvest in time to avoid rain, mildew or scattered.

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When the seeds are mature, the petals are dry and the seeds are solid and glossy(plastic grow pots). Finally, the method of harvesting flower seeds varies according to the type of flowers.  The seeds of late blooming flowers and flowers on weak lateral branches are generally not suitable for seed use. They are not bisexual, so they are essentially different from seed formation(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). Dormant seeds were usually stored in this way to promote germination.(cell seed trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)

Some can take off the whole flower and take the seeds after air drying, such as cockscomb, marigold, beauty cherry, a bunch of red, etc.(square nursery pots); some can pick the fruit, wash the flesh by rubbing, and dry out the seeds, such as gold and silver eggplant, winter coral, and Chaotian pepper. In the same plant, the seeds that bloom early and mature early should be selected for seed reservation(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the seeds on the trunk or main branch are better.

(cell seed trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)Some seeds mature at different stages, and the pericarp is easy to disintegrate and scatter seeds(black plastic nursery pots). When the pericarp changes from green to yellow, the seeds should be picked up in time, such as Impatiens balsamina, chrysalis tricolor, Catharanthus chinensis, etc. The seed storage methods of different flowers are different, such as dry storage, sand storage and water storage(nursery plant pots). Therefore, seed selection should be carried out before sowing.

The collected seeds should be dried in the shade, put into paper bags or cloth bags, and stored indoors in a ventilated, dry, dark and low temperature (2-3 ℃) place(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The temperature should not change much. If a small amount of seeds can be placed in the refrigerator, the effect is better. Spore propagation spores are produced directly from the sporophyte of pteridophytes(wholesale nursery pots). The water temperature should be kept at about 5 ℃.(cell seed trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)

On the contrary, sand reservoir is also called layer accumulation method(plug trays). The seeds collected were buried in moist sandy soil, and the soil temperature was kept at 0 ~ 5 ℃. Such as peony, peony, pomegranate, plum, Magnolia, five needle pine and so on. Water storage: the seeds of some aquatic flowers, such as lotus, water lily and Wang Lian, must be stored in water to maintain their germinating power(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Most flower seeds are suitable for dry storage.

(cell seed trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)Low quality seeds not only have low seedling rate, but also have low ornamental value(plastic nursery pots). Good seed should have the following conditions: the variety is correct. Only by sowing the right seeds can we achieve the purpose of planting. Incorrect seeds or mixed hybrids often lead to failure of cultivation(greenhouse supplies pots). The development is full, big and heavy. Generally speaking, full and big seeds contain more nutrients, have strong germination ability and strong seedlings.

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