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Plastic Ground Cover For Weeds Manufacturers Poland

Evergreen perennial flowers that are not resistant to cold should be sown in spring or immediately after the seeds mature(gallon plant pot). Greenhouse flower planting is usually carried out in the greenhouse, so it is less affected by seasonal climate conditions, so the sowing date is not strictly seasonal limited, and often depends on the required flowering period(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Most species are sown in spring, i.e. spray water in time, from January to April.

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A few species, such as guayeju, pubaohua, cyclamen and sijiloucao, are usually sown between July and September(104 cell seed starting trays). For example, seeds discarded by Canna and lotus need to be peeled or scratched. Some seeds are difficult to absorb water because of the hard seed coat(large plastic terracotta pots). Annual and biennial flowers in open field and potted indoor flowers, such as Clivia, Phyllostachys, cyclamen, etc., are often sowed for propagation.

(plastic ground cover for weeds manufacturers poland)If the basin is too small, the soil is easy to dry(gallon nursery pots). Seeds such as Cyclamen, sweet pea and purple mushroom should be soaked in warm water (40 ~ 60 ℃) or cold water for 1 ~ 2 days before sowing, which can promote germination. Generally, saline alkali evaporates with the water content of the basin soil, and tends to accumulate on the surface of the basin soil(flat plastic tray). The healthy and fresh seeds of good mother plants should be selected.

In order to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests, seeds should be soaked in 0.1% mercuric chloride(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), 0.3% copper sulfate or 1% formalin solution for 3-5 minutes for disinfection, and then washed with clean water. In order to promote early flowering or multiple seed setting, it is often in the greenhouse, warm bed or cold bed to hold seeds early and have seedlings(plastic grow pots). In order to germinate easily, some seeds need to be treated.

The best sowing soil is loose and has good drainage and air permeability(plug trays). The bottom of the pot is padded with gravel and gravel. The sowing pot should be placed in direct sunlight and kept at room temperature of 15 ~ 25 ℃ to facilitate germination. If the temperature is too low, the seedlings will sprout slowly and the seeds will rot easily(square nursery pots). Later, with the growth of seedlings, transplanting in open field or pot(Yangwa).(plastic ground cover for weeds manufacturers poland)

The top layer is a layer of washed river sand as the sowing layer(105 cell seed starter trays). After sowing, the seeds were covered with fine sand, and the thickness of sand soil was 2 ~ 3 times of the seed diameter. In order to harvest flower seeds, we should first master the mature period and maturity of flower seeds. For most flower seeds, it is necessary to wait until the seeds are fully mature before harvesting(40 cell seed starting trays). If the temperature is too high, the seedlings are easy to grow.

(plastic ground cover for weeds manufacturers poland)Sowing time, open field spring sowing should be after the late thunder, autumn sowing can be in early September(propagation tray). The sowing amount of family flower cultivation is small, so it can be seeded and raised in advance in the indoor sowing pot. When the flower seedling grows to a certain size, it can be planted outdoors or in a flowerpot(20 cell seed starting trays). Shallow pots or large diameter pots are often used for sowing, and then the culture soil is placed.

After emergence, glass and newspaper should be removed in time, and gradually moved to a sunny place(cell trays). According to the dry and wet condition of the basin soil, and transplant when the seedlings grow 24 true leaves. Asexual propagation is to propagate with branches, buds, leaves, rhizomes, tubers, bulbs and bulbils of female parent plants by means of transplanting, grafting(18 cell seed starting trays), layering, and transplanting to cultivate new plants.

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