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Peony, pomegranate, etc(162 cell trays bulk). In order to improve the basicity of potted soil, it is necessary to add a small amount of vinegar to the water of peel, leaves, grass and rice washing water, or to water the flowers with alum fertilizer water made from ferrous sulfate and cake fertilizer area(nursery tray manufacturers). In the method of drill sowing, shallow ditches are made at intervals of Wa land or basin soil, and seeds are planted into the ditch and flattened.

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When planting flowers with sticky soil piles, they are not willing to seep after watering(200 cell trays bulk). When they are dry, they are easy to crack and harden, which is not conducive to the growth and development of flowers. This is mainly because the soil particles are too fine and lack of organic matter. The seeds should germinate at a lower temperature, but it was not easy to germinate when the temperature was too high(1.5 gallon nursery pots). The sowing date of perennial flowers varies with cold tolerance.

(cheap plastic garden pots suppliers new zealand)After the seedlings are unearthed, gradually spread the covering(112 cell trays bulk). Other management is the same as that of sowing. Drill sowing is usually used for abandoned or open autumn flowers that are not suitable for transplanting, such as Yu Meiren, morning glory, flower lingcao, Fengxian flower, gallus, and Echinacea(120mm plastic grow pots). No matter which sowing method is adopted, the appropriate humidity, temperature and fresh air should be maintained after sowing.

Some flowers are not resistant to transplanting, such as Yumeiren and xiangpea(288 cell trays bulk). It is better to use direct seeding or vegetative seedlings. The sowing time of different flowers mainly depends on the cold resistance and winter temperature. There are great differences in climate between the north and the south of China, and the length of cold winter season is different(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). Annual flowers are usually sown after the late frost in spring.(cheap plastic garden pots suppliers new zealand)

In the south, the sentence is from February to March; in the central region, from March to April; in the north, from late April to May(20 cell trays bulk). In order to save the seeds, such as Porphyra, Saussurea chinensis and Vicia sativa, the thickness of covering soil is about three times of the diameter of seeds. After seed germination, the watering amount should be reduced, and the light should be increased gradually(12.5cm plastic grow pots). If the seed is too dense, the seedling should be ventilated and transparent.

(cheap plastic garden pots suppliers new zealand)The results showed that most of the biennial flowers in the open field were cold resistant(50 cell seed starter trays). East China can overwinter in the open without cold protection. The northern winter climate is cold, most species can only survive in the cold bed. When the seedlings grow to 2-3 true leaves, the transplantable flowers can be moved 1-2 times(rootmaker propagation trays), such as cuiju, fengxianhua and chuanchuanhong, and then be planted in flowerpots or flower beds.

The suitable time for autumn sowing of biennial flowers also varies according to the different regions in the north and the south(72 cell seed starter trays). In the south, it is from September to October, and in the north, from the end of August to September. Spring sowing, summer sowing or autumn sowing are suitable for cold tolerance(one gallon pot), especially when the seeds are mature. Some seeds, such as Paeonia lactiflora, delphinium, iris, etc., must be sown in autumn.(cheap plastic garden pots suppliers new zealand)

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