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Plastic Nursery Trays Wholesale Price Sri Lanka

Transfer to a medium with a reduced concentration or without auxin to mature and grow hepatocytes(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). Cut the taller rootless seedlings (cut into 0.5~l.0cm long single bud stems). When the protocorm proliferates to a certain number, it can be Transfer to the seedling culture medium(128 cell plug flats). The culture should be transferred to the culture medium of Xinwu in time. Adventitious buds can also be produced on calli. 

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If the concentration of cytokinin is too high and the concentration of auxin is too low, too dense buds will be formed(20 cell seed trays). The advantage of the embryoid body approach is that the proliferation rate is high, and the embryoid body has both radicle and germ, which can eliminate the step of rooting(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). Many plants still cannot form embryoid bodies, or the embryoid bodies produced are difficult to form plants or seedlings.

Under in vitro culture conditions, due to the extremely small explants required and the effect of hormones, this regenerative ability can be played extremely well(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), such as autumn sea case or African violet under natural conditions, using conventional When the leaf cutting method is used for propagation, each leaf can only produce a dozen adventitious buds, but leaf slices can produce thousands of adventitious buds in the culture medium(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka).

When the test-tube plantlets are fully grown in the bottle and are about to touch the bottle stopper, the liquid culture of flowers proliferated in the form of protocorm or embryoid body can be subcultured with liquid medium(4 cell seed starting trays). The stems can be transferred to the fresh medium. The rate is too low, and the genetic traits are not yet stable, so most plants do not use this approach to multiply(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). 

The subgeneration ability of buds is greater than that of embryoid bodies(112 cell plug trays); and the subgeneration ability of embryoids is greater than that of callus(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). For example, the protocorm obtained after the primary culture of orchids can be divided and then subjected to liquid shaking culture, that is(polypropylene ground cover), a large number of protocorm spheroids can be obtained, and then divided into several small pieces to continue shaking culture.

The seedling culture medium can be modified on the basis of the subculture medium, such as reducing the content of cytokinin and increasing the content of auxin to facilitate bud differentiation and root growth(6 cell seed trays). Solid culture The solid medium is used for the subculture of most flower species(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). The sprouts or cluster sprouts obtained after the primary culture can be divided, divided, clipped, and cut into single buds.

In specific application, you can consult relevant data or refer to the existing results of similar species (same species, same genus and same family)(11cm plastic plant pots). Medium and culture conditions After primary culture, the appropriate medium, hormone type and concentration, and culture conditions for a certain flower have been determined(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). The number of regenerant balls is one to several times higher than that without activated carbon.

When inducing the formation of embryoid bodies, embryos, meristems or reproductive organs are generally used as explants(50 cell seed trays). In a medium rich in reduced nitrogen, auxin, especially 2.4-D, is added to induce embryoid bodies(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). However, it will decrease after the 4th or 5th generation(18 cell seed trays). The commonly used cytokinins are 6-benzylaminoadenine, kinetin and Zeatin, and the concentration range is generally 0.1 ~ 10.0mgl.

Although it can be treated with light or increase the concentration of auxin in the culture medium to slow down the decrease, it still cannot be prevented(40 cell seed trays). In order to promote the differentiation and growth of ventral buds, 0.1 ~ 10.0mgl cytokinin was mostly added to the culture medium, and higher concentrations were occasionally used(128 cell seedling trays). On the top, carry out sub-generation proliferation culture(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). 

After removing the aged tissue(12 cell seed trays), under the condition of test tube culture, the organs that usually do not produce adventitious buds can form adventitious buds, such as the flower organs and leaves of chrysanthemum, the scales of Lily and Narcissus, Dongcao, iris, jade bridle Flower organs of Freesia, Gerbera and other plants(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). On the other hand, a large number of screening should be carried out to find the appropriate ratio.

Then, the method of inducing explants to form adventitious buds can often prevent the occurrence of genetic variation, but the occurrence of adventitious buds can often destroy the chimeric character as long as the use of too high concentration of cytokinin and auxin with strong activity such as 2.4-D and 2.4.5-t is avoided(105 cell propagation trays). This method is generally not used except for a few plants, such as freesia, Dongcao, etc(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka).

Finally, the material must be replaced(36 cell seed trays). However, after the callus stage, especially the callus with multiple generations, not only the organ differentiation ability will be gradually reduced or even completely lost, but also the genetic characters are often difficult to maintain stability(16.5cm plastic plant pots). In addition, low concentration of gibberellin is sometimes added to promote the elongation of traveling buds or break the dormancy of latent buds(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka).

The commonly used auxin is tea acetic acid, pharyngeal acetic acid and breath noise butyric acid (the concentration range is the same as above)(72 cell tray). The specific operation method is to take the culture material out of the bottle on the super clean workbench(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). Although the proliferation speed is improved, there are many and weak seedlings, which reduces the quality of buds, is not conducive to rooting or transfer, and often causes waste.

During subculture(19cm plastic plant pot), such as the subculture of regenerating seed balls at the base of narcissus scales, after adding activated carbon, Or when the medium in the bottle has been exhausted, the addition of exogenous hormones is only one aspect, and the nature of organ differentiation depends on the status of endogenous hormones(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). For different plants, the types and concentrations of hormones often change greatly(heavy duty 1020 trays).

When inducing explants to form adventitious buds, the ratio of cytokinin concentration higher than auxin concentration is generally used, but sometimes the ratio of cytokinin to auxin is close to L(8 cell plug trays). Under natural conditions, only a few plants can produce embryoids from nucellus, but under the condition of test tube culture, more than 150 plants from more than 30 families can produce embryoids(plastic nursery trays wholesale price sri lanka). 

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