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Cheap Large Plastic Planter Factory Peru

Special attention should be paid to avoid excessive watering in dry and hot weather to avoid the occurrence of turf diseases caused by high temperature and humidity(plastic plant pots manufacturers). Cold, heat resistant, cold and cool, with a certain tolerance to negative, trampling(nursery tray). During the day, it is better to arrange watering in the morning or evening. Fertilization should provide comprehensive nutrition for lawn, but nitrogen fertilizer is the main method.

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In this way, not only water can infiltrate rapidly, but also it is beneficial to the growth and development of turfgrass roots(plastic plant pot suppliers). Fertilization can keep the turfgrass green and luxuriant, promote their balanced growth, and enhance their resistance to weeds and trampling resistance(germination tray price). If organic fertilizer is mixed with soil or river sand evenly, it is spread on the soil surface. The weeding methods include artificial weeding and chemical weeding.

(cheap large plastic planter factory peru)Each time watering requires a thorough watering, not only the surface of the soil layer, should be wetted at least 5cm(lavender plug trays). If the soil dries too early, it is necessary to moisten the soil layer more than 8-10 cm, otherwise it is difficult to relieve the early condition(72 cell plant tray). For the seriously trampled lawn, and the watering is difficult to infiltrate, the rolling target should be nailed before watering to make the surface soil loose before watering,

Weed control is the great enemy of turfgrass growth(deep propagation trays). It is suitable for cutting in Northeast, northwest and North China. In the spray planting method, the green slurry mixed with grass seed, adhesive, fertilizer, humectant, herbicide, pigment (mainly green) and appropriate amount of soft organic matter and water are sprayed directly and evenly onto the leveled site or steep slope by using the shotcrete unit equipped with air compressor(heavy duty plug trays).

Once the weeds invade, the quality of lawn will be affected, and the lawn will lose its original uniform and neat appearance(128 cell plug flats). If it is serious, it will gradually make the lawn waste and lose its use value. Therefore, weeding should start from the preparation before the construction to the maintenance and management after the construction(72 cell flats), the ground is hard and solid, and should be given full attention from the beginning to the end.(cheap large plastic planter factory peru)

Manual weeding can be used to dig out weeds in the lawn with a knife and remove all roots(rooting tray). Cold season grasses were applied once at the beginning of growth in early spring and last in late September in autumn, which made turfgrass grow vigorously in autumn and accumulate nutrients for overwintering(50 cell tray). Warm season grass was applied once at the end of spring, once a month in summer, and last time in late August.(cheap large plastic planter factory peru)

This method is labor-intensive, and often leads to the formation of voids in the lawn and damages the smoothness of the lawn(v15 nursery pots). It can be filled with fine soil with cultivated grass seeds. Chemical herbicide should be used in large area lawn to save manpower. But the cost of medicine is high(72 cell plug flats). Soil management the soil filling management of lawn includes rolling, piercing, adding soil, labeling, etc. Fertilizer is mainly used in lawn.

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