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Plastic Nursery Seedling Trays Wholesale Price Canada

In particular, we should be good at mastering the typical posture of some commonly used trees in bonsai(72 cell trays), such as the natural morphological characteristics of pine, cypress, willow, plum and common miscellaneous trees. At the same time, if the basin is too small, it will make the bonsai look top heavy(plastic flower pots bulk), lack of stability, and easy to cause the lack of water and nutrients, affecting the growth of trees. 

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The shape of trees in nature is ever-changing(large plastic planters cheap), as the miniature of bonsai, of course, it should be diverse, and the shape of trees is difficult to be determined by specific standards. But it must be natural and picturesque. If it is made arbitrarily, it will lose its natural form(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). For short and strong trees, the basin mouth surface must be smaller than the crown area, and the basin length must be larger than the trunk height.

(plastic nursery seedling trays wholesale price canada)Therefore, the matching basin bowl, must make the style and the scenery content in the style consistent, can be harmonious(72 cell trays bulk). At the same time, we should observe the tree painting in landscape painting and learn skills from it. If the tree embryo after processing and shaping can not be formed temporarily, it can be planted and cultivated continuously(nursery plant pots wholesale); if it is close to forming, it can be planted in the basin with scenery.

At the same time, it should be considered that it is conducive to plant growth(128 cell plug tray). The method of wire binding is simple and easy to operate, it can bend and stretch freely, but it is a little troublesome to dismantle. In addition, we should improve our artistic quality from aesthetics, literature and other aspects(2 gallon plant pots supplier). Art processing must also be carried out on the basis of nature, which is the same as the principle of painting.(plastic nursery seedling trays wholesale price canada)

Only when the trees with beautiful shape are matched with pots of moderate size, appropriate depth, matching Ying style(plastic seed trays), harmonious color and appropriate texture, can they become perfect bonsai works of art. Climbing method is to bend the branches of trees into various shapes by climbing materials such as brown silk, hemp skin or metal wire(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). However, it is not enough to conform to the nature only. 

(plastic nursery seedling trays wholesale price canada)In the selection of pots, we should first pay attention to the moderate size(plastic flower pots wholesale). In order to show the ancient trees, sometimes chisels or sharp knives can be used to carve the trunk according to the modeling techniques to form a natural concave convex change(plastic plant pots bulk). Part of the bark can also be stripped, and even the trunk can be split in half (such as plum pile dry modeling), so that the trees show a natural and decaying old posture.

For high-rise trees(4 inch square greenhouse pots), the basin mouth surface used for solitary planting must be larger than the crown range, and the basin length must be less than the height of the trunk; for combined planting, it is better to be slightly larger to show a certain space environment. In addition, when using shallow basin, the mouth of basin should be bigger rather than smaller; when using deep basin(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), it should be smaller rather than bigger.(plastic nursery seedling trays wholesale price canada)

The depth of the basin has a great influence on the shape of bonsai, and also has a certain influence on the growth of plants(plastic garden pots wholesale). If the basin is too deep, the trees in the basin will appear low, which is not conducive to the growth of dry plants; if the basin is too shallow, the trees with thick and high trunk will feel unstable, and it is difficult to plant(1 gallon pots manufacturer), which is not conducive to the growth of wet plants and flower and fruit trees.

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