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Cheap Seed Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Italy

The identification of yin and Yang of trees includes the following aspects(plastic grow pots): Coniferous pine species are mostly positive trees, while some cypress species with flat or scaly leaves, as well as bamboo cypress and Podocarpus arvensis are mostly negative trees(wholesale nursery pots). Those with dense branches and leaves are more shade tolerant, while those with wide branches and leaves and sparse crown are more light tolerant.

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The small shrubs under the wild forest(seed starter trays), such as huci, Liuyuexue, nandianzhu, are mostly shade tolerant; the trees originally grown in the wilderness or sunny slope, such as YINGSHANHONG, Mengmu, Lycium barbarum, Vitex negundo and bromelis, are mostly light loving. Turn basin can use original basin or change a little bigger basin, decide according to tree size(20 cell trays bulk). Shade tolerant bonsai trees must be shaded in summer.(cheap seed plug trays wholesale suppliers italy)

Watering is difficult to penetrate and drain(square nursery pots). When turning the pot, it can be combined with root pruning and soil replacement. If the root system is too dense and too long, it should be pruned. For the elongated fine roots of conifers and cypresses, the root tip can be cut off(50 cell seed starter trays).  The broad-leaved trees with thick or leathery leaves are mostly shade tolerant; the broad-leaved trees with thin and large leaves are mostly light loving.

(cheap seed plug trays wholesale suppliers italy)Soil replacement can improve the ventilation and water permeability of the soil, increase soil nutrients(greenhouse supplies pots), which is conducive to the healthy growth of bonsai trees and improve its ornamental effect. The turning of tree bonsai can be decided according to the following aspects(72 cell seed starter trays): generally, small bonsai should be turned every 1-2 years, and medium bonsai should not be placed in the room with insufficient light for a long time.

Light and air are very important for the growth of bonsai trees(black plastic nursery pots). Under the shade of the trees or the corner corridor, the sunlight and air are not sufficient, and there is no rain and dew. Trees often grow poorly, and the leaves are yellow and easy to fall off(nursery plant pots). In the sunny and airy garden or patio, the trees grow strong, the leaves are green, the flowers are numerous and the fruits are luxuriant, showing the posture beauty of bonsai.(cheap seed plug trays wholesale suppliers italy)

However, different tree species have different requirements for light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Some shade tolerant trees, such as Podocarpus arvensis, Sabina chinensis, Phyllostachys australis, Camellia sinensis, etc., should take shading measures under high temperature and strong light in summer, otherwise they will not grow well or even die(112 cell trays bulk). The warm and cold tolerance of trees is also very important for the placement and management of bonsai.

(cheap seed plug trays wholesale suppliers italy)Evergreen broad-leaved tree species such as Euonymus japonicus(plastic nursery pots), Ilex mongolicus, Machilus, zijinniu and Camellia are mostly shade tolerant, while deciduous broad-leaved tree species such as plum, peach, Begonia, Lagerstroemia indica, bromelis, pomegranate, elm and park are mostly light loving(18 cell seed starting trays). Fertilizer is not easy to absorb, Shida mahonia and pingdingmu, will affect the normal growth of trees, at this time should turn the pot for soil.

The trees with cold resistance can be put out for winter without cold protection(flat plastic tray). In order to prevent the basin soil from frost cracking, it can be buried underground and the basin surface is exposed to the ground. Bonsai trees in the South can be put in place in winter(288 cell trays bulk). Therefore, the potted landscape must be watered appropriately, and the principle of "no drying, no watering, then watering thoroughly" should be mastered.(cheap seed plug trays wholesale suppliers italy)

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