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Generally, if you want to make a bonsai that can be admired on all sides, you must process both the front and back(orchid plug trays). There is a saying in Chinese painting that "the mountain is divided into eight sides, and the stone has three sides", which means that the mountain must be painted with a few more sides(blow molded nursery pots), and the stone must be painted three-dimensionally to show the momentum of the mountain. 

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Pay attention to keeping the bottom surface flat and prevent damage to the corners(succulent planter tray). In the process of layout of processed rocks, it is often found that there are irregularities, which must be processed or adjusted. After the glued stones are firmly adhered, they should be aged and placed in a proper place(v9 nursery pots). The stone material that has been sawn and carved must be glued according to the layout to form a complete landscape bonsai.(cheap seed propagation trays suppliers uae)

When hard stone is laid out and glued, caves should be reserved for planting(hole tray). The material used for gluing is mainly cement, and resin glue can also be used for splicing small stones. For sandstone, sandstone and other stones, it is difficult to see the traces of cement bonding after the cement is glued and then coated with the powder of this kind of stone(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). This should also be paid attention to in the landscape bonsai. aspect.

(cheap seed propagation trays suppliers uae)The cement should be mixed with pigments similar to the stone(plant plastic trays), such as glued axe splitting stone or Yingde stone, and a small amount of ink can be added to blend to the same color depth as the stone after it is watered. Otherwise, it can also be cut with a wire saw, emery and water saw. Before gluing, the weathered layer on the stone must be scrubbed with a steel wire(3.5 inch square plastic pots). The stone material can be carved and chiseled after being cut.

Pay attention to frequent watering(128 plug tray). When gluing hard stone, the cement is generally not mixed with yellow sand; when gluing loose stone, it is necessary to mix a certain amount of stone chips: good for water absorption. Before gluing the stones in the basin, paper can be laid on the bottom of the basin to prevent the rocks from sticking to the bottom of the basin(72 cell seed trays wholesale). The good glued landscape bonsai should be kept in the shade for maintenance.(cheap seed propagation trays suppliers uae)

For the stones that need to be glued, the glued joints should be processed to closely match, and try not to expose the cement(plastic nursery trade pots). Where it must be exposed, when the cement is half dry, a knife can be used to carve a texture similar to that of a stone, making it difficult to detect(9cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, the layout of the rock and the processing of the stone are inseparable, and they are often carried out alternately. Don't be exposed to vibration.

(cheap seed propagation trays suppliers uae)For the cement that accidentally touches other parts during the operation, or the cement that overflows from the interface, it should be brushed off with a brush dipped in water at any time(v11 nursery pots). To carve the chamfered pattern of loose stone, it is often chiseled with a pointed hammer, or pulled with a hacksaw blade, or carved with a knife(sureroot plug trays bulk). When sawing and cutting stones, the action should be steady, and it is advisable to push and pull slowly.

The layout is a crucial step in the production of landscape bonsai(plant trays without holes). Whether the landscape bonsai has an artistic conception and what theme it expresses depends on the concept and layout. The layout includes the relationship between the composition of the part and the whole, the relationship between the host and the guest(4.72inch plastic nursery pots), the distance and the short distance, the proportional relationship between the rocks and the water.

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