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Proper soil moisture is conducive to the dissolution and movement of various nutrients and improve the nutritional status of plants(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). Failure to grasp the requirements of different vegetable crop roots on soil pH (soil pH) will cause direct damage to crop roots, or affect the availability of nutrient elements, resulting in plant nutrient imbalance, reduced yield, and reduced quality(seed starting tray wholesale). 

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Poor soil aeration will inhibit aerobic microorganisms, slow down the decomposition of organic matter, and reduce the available nutrients for plants(plastic planters suppliers). The harm of high salt ion concentration to crops is as follows: it affects the absorption of water by crops. Without understanding the nature of the soil, blindly controlling irrigation or flooding will affect the absorption of nutrients or the roots of plants in the soil(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman).

Accumulation of ammonium ions in the soil will eventually lead to hindering the absorption of calcium(v13 nursery pots), magnesium and other cations, resulting in a series of physiological diseases(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). In recent years, with the increase of planting years, vegetable plants will gradually show adverse symptoms(sowing tray): the plants are short, the leaf color becomes thicker, and sometimes the leaf surface is covered with a layer of wax.

Soil moisture is the solvent of various nutrient elements in soil(deep cell plug trays). Stubby and few root hairs; in addition, pests and diseases are also increasing year by year, causing the output in the facility to decrease year by year and the quality to deteriorate. There are many reasons for this, but it mainly comes from the soil in the facility. will destroy the soil environment, cause pollution, and pose a threat to human health(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). 

But if you do not consider the specific soil(72 cell plant tray), climatic conditions, and the nutritional characteristics of crops, fertilize scientifically and rationally to avoid excessive salt ion concentration in the soil from harming crops(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). However, excessive aeration will make the decomposition rate of organic matter too fast and reduce the amount of humus in the soil(6 cell plant trays), which is not conducive to the long-term supply of nutrients. 

According to measurement(large plastic planters uk): under open field conditions, the salt ion concentration in the soil is generally below 3000 mg/kg, while the soil in the facility, especially in greenhouses and greenhouses that have been cropped for many years, has a concentration as high as 7000~8000 mg/kg, or even more than 10000 mg/kg(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). The CQ content in the soil air is dozens to hundreds of times higher than that in the atmosphere.

The air composition in the soil is different from the atmosphere, and it is not as stable as the atmosphere(50 cell plug trays). The oxygen content in soil air is generally only 10%~12%, which affects the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other elements by crops(v15 nursery pots). The increase in the concentration of salt ions in the soil will affect the process of microorganisms converting ammonium nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). 

Increasing continuous cropping obstacles, resulting in aggravation of pests and diseases(plug flats wholesale), breaking the balance of soil nutrient supply, causing crops to produce physiological diseases, hindering the growth and development of crops, and thereby reducing yields and deteriorating quality(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). Therefore, scientific fertilization is the main measure to reduce the increase and accumulation of salt ion concentration in soil.

There are many stubbles in the annual cultivation, long use time, large amount of fertilizer, relatively closed environment lacks rainwater leaching, and salt ions accumulate in the cultivated layer(128 cell trays). Facility vegetable production is carried out under closed or semi-closed conditions. Without the leaching of natural rainfall, the salt ions in the surface layer of the soil cannot be leached into the deep layer of the soil(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman).

Because the salt ion concentration in the soil solution is too high, it will make it difficult for the roots of the crop to absorb water, and even cause the root cells to lose water and die, showing the phenomenon of "root burning"(v16 nursery pots). Too much or too little soil moisture will affect the growth of plants(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). The main reasons for the increase (accumulation) of the salt ion concentration in the soil are as follows(128 cell plug flats).

Brought to the surface of the soil causes salt accumulation in the cultivated layer(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). Especially after a large amount of chemical fertilizer is applied, many chemical fertilizers are easy to dissolve in water and are not easy to be adsorbed by soil, which will increase the concentration of soil solution(cheap nursery pots). Too much water will hinder the air circulation in the soil and cause the loss of nutrients, so as to reduce the soil fertility.

Although there are many times of irrigation in protected cultivation, the amount of irrigation is small, so that the salt ions in the cultivated layer can not be leached into the deep soil(v14 nursery pots). Excessive fertilization and by-components in chemical fertilizer accumulate in soil(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). At present, there is a common phenomenon of over fertilization in protected cultivation, and some fertilization is more than 3 ~ 5 times the theoretical value(v12 nursery pots).

The sulfate ions of ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride and other fertilizers can not be fully absorbed and utilized by crops, and lack leaching conditions, which will remain in the cultivated layer for a long time(greenhouse pots). Sandy soil has low buffering performance and the concentration of soil solution is easy to increase(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman); Clayey soil has strong buffering performance, and the concentration of soil solution increases slowly.

Fertilization requirements are as follows(200 cell plug trays): firstly, soil analysis is carried out to determine the type, proportion and amount of fertilization according to the nutrient surplus and deficiency in the soil and the types of crops planted; Secondly, we should increase the application of organic fertilizer and comprehensively supply soil nutrients(farm tray). The type of soil texture is closely related to the accumulation of salt ions(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman).

In addition, the longer the years of protected cultivation(rootmaker trays), the higher the concentration of salt ions in the soil(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). In addition, it is necessary to apply chemical fertilizer many times and a small amount; Avoid applying the same chemical fertilizer, especially the fertilizer containing chlorine or sulfide and other by-components(plastic plant pots canada). When there is too little water, plants will be threatened by drought and lack of nutrition.

In the well drained soil, it is about 0.1%, some of which can diffuse to the atmosphere near the ground and be absorbed by plant leaves during photosynthesis, and some can be directly absorbed by roots(soil block trays). Or incomplete decomposition of organic matter to produce some reducing substances harmful to plants(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers oman). The air composition in soil is different from that in atmosphere, and it is not as stable as that in atmosphere.

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