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Seedling Plug Trays Wholesale Price

With the development of modern cities, people have gradually moved away from the pastoral life, away from the companionship of flowers and trees. But more and more people are starting to plant all kinds of flowers and plants at home, in order to be closer to nature and feel the unique pastoral atmosphere brought by flowers and plants. For a long time, the ceramic flower pots have required multiple waterings during use. It is difficult to grasp the problem of water consumption and so on. The plastic flower pots that are more ideal than the ceramic flower pots have emerged.

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(seedling plug trays wholesale price)Is it good to use plastic flowerpots? Because plastics and even foams need to be decomposed under high temperature conditions, they will be toxic after being decomposed and absorbed by plants(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, it is safe to use plastic flowerpots to grow flowers or vegetables. The injection molding process of plastic flower pots is mixed with plastic raw materials pe or pe, heated and melted by injection molding machine, and injected into the mold of the flower pot with high pressure. The product is cooled and molded, and is taken out by a robot to become a semi-finished product, and some can be directly sold. Need to print.

The blistering process is to extrude plastic raw materials into sheets by a sheet machine, and then form them by air pressure through a blister machine, and then punch them with a punching machine. This process is mainly used for two-color flower pots, and the production speed is very fast(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Effectively reduce costs and is not easily damaged. So what is the price of plastic flower pots? The wholesale price of plastic flower pots will vary from small to large, ranging from a few cents to a dollar, while extra large plastic pots for outdoor landscapes A few to a dozen dollars.(seedling plug trays wholesale price)

If you want to know the specific price of plastic flower pots, you can consult Zhengzhou Wesson Garden supplies. The above prices are for your reference only. In the modern family, planting flowers can not only cultivate the body and mind, beautify the environment, but also remove the residual formaldehyde in the interior after decoration, reducing the damage to the human body(plastic growing trays). Therefore, plastic flower pot suits are increasingly favored by people. Different people have different hobbies, some people like to play, some people like to read books, some people like flowers and plants.

(seedling plug trays wholesale price)Nowadays, the environmental problems are getting more and more serious. It is necessary to plant flowers and plants indoors. It not only looks beautiful, but also beautiful the living environment, and it can also refresh the indoor air, which is conducive to physical and mental health(seed starter trays). Another important issue in planting flowers indoors is how the pots should be selected. Everyone knows that flower pots are divided into plastic pots, ceramic pots, purple pots, etc., but the application of plastic pots is far wider than other pots, mainly because of the quality of plastic pots compared with ceramic pots. It is lighter and stronger than ceramic pots.

So many people choose plastic flower pots. Indoor planting flowers often need to be cleaned. Plastic flower pots are light in weight and easy to handle, and will not affect normal cleaning. This is also an important reason for its wide application. At the same time, the plastic flower pot is practical and beautiful(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the material is environmentally friendly and degradable, and it is not easy to break. It is an excellent choice for family farming and planting grass. Ceramic pots are not only cumbersome, but also particularly easy to break. If there are children in the house, it is very dangerous to use ceramic pots.

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