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Plastic Gallon Plant Pot Wholesale Supplier

Plastic nursery pots raw materials. Polypropylene (PP plastic) is a high-density, side-chain, high-crystallization linear polymer with excellent properties. When it is not colored, it is white translucent and waxy. It is harder than polyethylene, lighter in weight, and has better gloss transparency than polyethylene. It has high temperature resistance and good impact resistance. Therefore, plastic flower pots are basically selected as raw materials. A high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resins, well-dispersed plastic colorants, which have a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant and good compatibility with the pigmented material.

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Plastic flower pot processing device. Under normal circumstances, plastic machinery is divided into four categories: plastic compounding, plastic molding, plastic secondary processing and plastic processing aid or equipment machinery(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic one-time processing machinery, is used for the molding of semi-finished products or products of plastics, including compression molding machines, injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, calenders, rotational molding machines, foaming machines, and the like(wholesale plant pots). Plastic secondary processing machinery is used for reprocessing and post-processing of plastic semi-finished products or products.(plastic gallon plant pot wholesale supplier)

Including thermoforming machines, welding machines, heat sealing machines, hot stamping machines, vacuum evaporation machines, flocking machines, printing machines and other types. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment is used to achieve a reasonable plastic processing process(seedling trays wholesale), including automatic metering, automatic scraping of scraps, automatic removal of injection molded products, rapid replacement of injection molds, injection mold coolers, automatic thickness measurement, and raw material conveying and storage equipment. . Usually, the new flowerpots are better than the old ones, and the new flowerpots are not only permeable to water, but also efficacious.

Plastic flower pot processing process. The process is divided into: mold clamping, injection molding, pressure holding, cooling, mold opening and ejection(wilson garden). The first is the injection molding machine (injection is to put the raw materials into the injection molding machine, melted and injected into the mold to cool the molding.) and the blow molding machine (blow molding is to first melt the raw material into a tube blank, then put the tube blank into the mold, using compressed air Will be formed.), then process or purchase the corresponding mold. Purchase the appropriate plastic pellets after assembly and commissioning(5 gallon pots). You can start the work by blending the colors.(plastic gallon plant pot wholesale supplier)

In summer, the temperature is hot and humid, the weather is hot, and the sunshine is strong. At this time, most of the flowers are in a prosperous growth period. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the summer weather and the habits of planting flowers, the characteristics of the flower pots and the purpose of the flowers should be used(gallon plant pot). Make a choice. The use of potted flowers is different, and the materials and specifications of the pots used are not nearly the same. It is advisable to use shallow pots for seeding, bucket-shaped pots for seedlings, pots for common seasons, and large-sized flowers for use in large-scale flowers or pots.

(plastic gallon plant pot wholesale supplier)Therefore, the choice of flower pots should be based on the plant type, crown width and root size of the flower plants. If the root of the flower is covered with soil(plastic plant trays), the 3 cm gap around the flower pot after the soil is in the soil is the standard; if there is no soil, the flower is placed in the flower pot, and the root can be completely stretched without curling as the standard. Or choose a pot with a diameter of the bowl and a size of the crown of the plant(25 gallon nursery pots). For the cultivation of orchids, special orchid flower pots should be used.

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