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Wholesale Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers Malaysia

Flat land (replanted in paddy field) and other high-yield fields (yield 5-6 tons), the fertilizer is pure n7-8.5 kg (equivalent to 15-18 kg of urea), pure k7-8 kg (equivalent to 10-13 kg of potassium chloride) (propagation tray). The high-yield field with a yield of more than 7 tons per mu is purely 10-10 kg (20-25 kg of urea), pure k10-11 kg (equivalent to 16-20 kg of potassium chloride)(seed starter trays). The p fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, and the top dressing is supplemented when the base fertilizer is insufficient.

The application of topdressing should be carried out in combination with large soil, which can reduce the workload and improve work efficiency(plug trays). After the weeds are removed first, the mixed fertilizer strips are applied (or applied) to the cane to 10 cm and covered with thick soil(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is strictly forbidden to spread the fertilizer on the cane to prevent the sprouting of the base of the sugarcane seedling from affecting the sprouting of the root cane in the coming year.(wholesale plastic seedling tray manufacturers malaysia)

After the early things were done, I started to grow doll dishes(gallon plant pot). The doll dish can be sown all year round and its survival rate is very high. If you plant in the spring, you must pay attention to the changes in temperature. Low temperatures will affect the quality of the production of baby dishes. The summer cultivation of baby food should be protected by sunshade(greenhouse supplies pots). The high temperature in summer will make the development rate of baby dishes low.

In addition to the extremely high requirements for the cultivation of the doll dish, there is temperature control(cell trays). Do not fertilize before heavy rain to prevent rain from taking away fertilizer. When the soil is dry, it is not fertilized, so as not to reduce the drought resistance of sugar cane(plastic grow pots). If summer planting baby dishes, it is effective to protect the sun and avoid the spread of mites. Can make the doll dish fully absorbed. Then the output will be affected.(wholesale plastic seedling tray manufacturers malaysia)

The quality of the doll dish is poor(gallon nursery pots). The temperature controlled during certain germination should be around 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature during the development period should be controlled above 10 degrees and below 25 degrees. If it exceeds, it will affect the development of the doll dish. In addition to temperature control, it is necessary to give the doll a full amount of moisture(flat plastic tray). The development of baby foods must be developed in the soil under wet conditions.

Its root system is weak and softens the tissue during development(black plastic plant pots). However, the moisture of the soil should not be excessive, if it is excessive. It will also lead to poor development of baby dishes. In order to get better development and production benefits of the baby dish, it is necessary to weed it regularly, but also to control the looseness of the soil(50 cell plug trays supplier). Then the seedlings are also essential. Then the seedlings can get better rooted and developed.(wholesale plastic seedling tray manufacturers malaysia)

Then the doll dish should be chased three times in the process of development, and the fertilizer should be irrigated with water(square nursery pots). The doll dish is necessary for more fertilizer during the ball. Usually 30 and 15 kg of compound fertilizer and urea are mixed. At the same time, watering allows the soil to adhere to humidity and achieve rapid development of the blade(72 cell plant trays bulk). As long as the above steps of planting the dolls are done, the doll dishes can develop better.

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