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Cheap 140mm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price

This article tells everyone about the change of pots(plant pots manufacturers). There are several situations in the change of potting orchids. One is to change the soil, the other is to change the pot directly. The root system of the spider plant is very developed. The pots are slowly roots, so if you just want to change the flowers to the orchids, After pour out the spider orchid(plastic gallon containers), gently knock off the old soil of the roots and replant it.

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In fact, some of the above mentioned Luo Hao, you can treat the spider orchid is not so polite(propagation containers), the following is the author's spider plant, pulled out to the flower friends to see, the basin used is relatively small, the root system has been completely filled in the shape of the basin. When changing the basin, the roots must be trimmed to promote the germination of new roots and increase vitality(plastic nursery containers). The spider plant is the most widely recognized foliage plant by the flower friends. 

(cheap 140mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)If the root system is developed, consider basinging the basin appropriately(cheap plastic plant pots). The two hands should be connected to the joint between the neck and the root, and the soil can be opened. The soil with rich humus and one third of the soil will be selected. The roots of the plants are fully dispersed, placed in pots, and then added to the soil to cover the roots, compact the soil(nursery plant pots wholesale), and after the water is fully inhaled into the soil, fill the pots with dry soil until the roots are buried.

Generally, the pots can be transplanted in about 20 days, and the water is poured in the shade to maintain(3 gallon plastic pots). Some flower friends want to change the pots of the orchids, but they don't know when to change the pots. Flowers and plants are generally carried out in the spring and autumn seasons, but the spider orchids can not be used according to this logic, because the spider plant is really good to feed, according to past experience(buy plastic plant pots), the spider plant can change the basin at any time.

At this time, it has not yet changed the potting time(one gallon container), but it is still possible to change the basin in special circumstances. After changing the basin, pay attention to the warmth and shelter from the wind. The first time you pour the root water, you should control the watering in the future, and spray the water to the leaves every day to avoid the dryness of the leaves(plug flats). However, it is normal for the blade to have an involute, as long as the blade is kept for about one week to stretch.(cheap 140mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)

It is easy to raise, fast, and easy to breed. In principle, the base fertilizer can not use bones(10 gallon nursery pots). If you must use it, you must try to separate it from the root. Do not let the roots alone. In order to avoid the fever in the bone fermentation process, the roots are led to the death of the plants (ie, burned by the fat). It is better to use the decomposed cake fertilizer as the base fertilizer(plastic plant pots for sale), and it can also be mixed with the inorganic slow-release fertilizer as the base fertilizer in the culture soil, and the effect is good.

(cheap 140mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)The soil in the roots is lightly dropped, so that it is fully scattered(greenhouse trays). When the spider plant is ramets, otherwise the plant can be removed from the pot, the old soil and the roots are removed, the old roots are cut, and three stems are left on the divided plants, and then transplanted separately(plastic growing trays). It can also cut the clustered stems and leaves on the stem of the spider mites (actually a new plant larvae with leaves and gas roots), and plant them directly into the pots.

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