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Cheap Seed Planting Trays Wholesale Price Europe

People who love life and love home may have a few pots of green plants or flowers(105 cell plug trays supplier), and they will be able to make a pleasing and pleasant feeling on weekdays. But you know, you think that the conventional way of raising flowers, but there are serious mistakes, Xiaobian specially summed up the 9 major mistakes of raising flowers for everyone, let's take a look together, don't be confused again. No ventilation in the room(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Oxygen is not a condition for plant survival, and the natural growth environment is.

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(cheap seed planting trays wholesale price europe)The lack of air circulation is the primary killer of flower health, which not only affects the normal breathing of flowers(50 cell plug trays supplier), but also affects the normal growth of flowers. Doors and windows should be opened frequently to create good ventilation to ensure normal flower breathing. Plants do not see light. Although indoor plants are more resistant to yin, they still need light. If they are placed indoors for a long time, they often cause poor growth due to insufficient light(seed starter trays). During the maintenance process, the plants should be moved out of the house at regular intervals, but remember to avoid the summer high temperature period and the winter low temperature period.

Plants are placed next to the radiator air conditioner(72 cell plant trays bulk). In order to warm the plants in winter, many flower-growing partners put the plants on the radiators, which is particularly likely to cause the basin to lose water and the roots to be dried, causing the plants to die. In addition, plants have long been facing the air conditioning air outlet, which is easy to cause plants to lack water and dry, should be avoided. Be sure to pour water when you are watering(plug trays wholesale). Do not pour only half of the water (that is, only wet the surface of the potting soil). This will make the root supply of the flower insufficient, resulting in defoliation or even death.

(cheap seed planting trays wholesale price europe)Either don't water or pour it through. That is, do not water when the soil is not dry(105 cell plant trays bulk). If it is watered, it should be poured once. The time of watering is very particular. The temperature is relatively high at noon in summer. At this time, watering should not be avoided. If watering, the temperature of the soil will drop suddenly, and the water absorption will slow down, resulting in insufficient water supply, causing the upper leaves of the flowers to be scorched. Some people often water the flowers at night, or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth(black plastic nursery pots). It is not known that there are water droplets on the leaves at night, which easily causes the leaves of the flowers to rot and induce pests and diseases.

Therefore, pay attention to the watering time(128 cell plant trays bulk), as well as the time to wipe the leaves, we must ensure that the leaves are not watery at night, in order to facilitate the normal growth of flowers. Use leftovers and residual tea to make fat. Pouring the remaining tea into the pot will increase the pH of the soil, cause yellowing, and may even lead to flower death. In addition, the remaining tea leaves will also produce bacteria in the process of decomposition(plastic nursery pots wholesale), affecting environmental sanitation, and consuming soil oxygen, which is not conducive to flower growth.

(cheap seed planting trays wholesale price europe)Excessive fertilization(162 cell plug trays supplier). If the plant eats too much, will it hang up when it is too full? Of course, if the concentration of potted flowers is too large or too much, it will easily cause fat damage. Lighter causes the flower to grow badly, and heavy may cause flower death. Everyone often said "fat death." Use Chinese medicine slag as flower fertilizer, first dry the medicine residue into powder, then apply it to the soil, or put the medicine residue into the tank, sputum and other containers(plastic nursery pots), mix it into the soil, then mix some water, and simmer for a while. After the dregs are rotted, they become humus and then used.

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