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Cheap Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers Ireland

From the end of April to the middle and late May, the adult is emerged from the emergence, especially after the rain turns fine and the temperature is high(plastic plant trays wholesale). From the beginning of June to July, the adult feathers and spawning period, the citrus fruit persecuted by the fruit fly began to turn yellow at the end of September, and then fell(15 gallon nursery pots). After the mandarin orange landed, the old mature larva crawled out into the mud and became the source of the second year of citrus flies.

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Planting the same fruit tree or the same variety in the orchard, planting the same fruit tree in the orchard(plastic grow pots), cutting off the food chain of the insect, and it is best to contact the fruit trees with certain flavors such as mango, carambola, guava, etc. In order to prevent and control the group, the prevention and control measures, as well as the spraying time and the variety of drugs, should be as consistent as possible(1 gallon pots). Strictly prevent larvae from spreading along with the fruit or earthworms.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers ireland)

The temperament of color, odor and sex stops staging and trapping(fabric grow bags wholesale). When the citrus fruit fly is necessary to make up for nutrients, the green and orange traps are combined and the sweet and sour liquor (ethyl acetate) is added. It stopped trapping(5 gallon plant pot). The use of the citrus fruit fly female has strong spawning tropism in yellow, and it can increase the yellow trapping device in the female spawning period and combine the sweet and sour liquor (ethyl acetate) to attract more females insect.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers ireland)Ants, stag beetles, and crickets are also effective natural enemies of the citrus larvae(wholesale greenhouse pots). Because the mature larvae have the characteristics of jumping into the topsoil and phlegm from the fruit drop, the chicken can eliminate the orange larvae in the topsoil, and the chicken can feed on the larvae of the orange larvae in the grounded carambola, which can play a role in controlling the worm(seed trays wholesale ireland). Auxiliary role. To prevent adults from laying eggs.

The fruit bagging avoids the adult eggs and causes the eggs to be bagged in the young fruit stage and before the fruit fly adults do not lay eggs(seed starter trays). In the larval and unearthed periods, the protection and use of natural enemies, such as the predatory natural enemies of Bactrocera dorsalis, is important for parasitic wasps(1020 seed trays). Focus on spraying about one month before harvesting to ensure that citrus is green, healthy and safe without the risk of pesticide damage. 

Use a mineral source agent such as stone sulphur mixture or mineral oil to stop the comprehensive clearing of the orchard, spray once every 7 days(square nursery pots), and spray 2-3 times to kill larvae and eggs. Before the fruit fly was unearthed in April, the number of insects was low. The above physical methods were used to trap adult and biological predators, and the biological pesticides such as avermectin and pyrethrin were stopped(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). 7-10 days, the number of insect populations was expanded.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers ireland)Beauveria bassiana has good effects, killing human larvae and unearthed adults(black plastic plant pots). When the fruit fly of the orchard breaks out and there are many insects, the chemical base reagents such as chlorpyrifos and chlorfenapyr are used to reduce the number of insects, and then combined with physical and biological control methods to control the biological pesticides(12cm plastic grow pots), so as to reduce the use of chemical agents and reduce chemical pesticide residues.

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